Down in Mexico

The next time I would leave the country would be when I went to Mexico when I was about 19 or 20 years old. I'm not 100% on the timeline, but it's probably closer to when I was 19.  My parents tell me that I had gone with them as a baby, but that is such a forgone time that I obviously don't remember it.

Anyways this trip to Mexico occurred with Julia and her crew - Hailey, Stephanie, Kelsey, and Danielle - for under 21 drinking in Tijuana. I was the DD for the trip to the border then my early college homie Brandon translated for us with the Taxi drivers.

When we arrived we went to this Aztecan temple like club first which had bumping reggaeton/slash latin tribal? I found this strange because reggaeton was starting to wane in California; however, I can tell you in NYC that I still hear it.  The women here were awesome, but it wasn't Top 20 so the ladies went to a more American bar/cub, whatever it was called, where we had Lean like a Cholo while drinking Tequila Sunrises and Adios Motherfuckers.  Brandon was flirting it up with everyone, some of the girls tried a little dance competition and yeah it was a bombardment of sleaze. Meanwhile Julia and I had some fun on those odd canopy beds on the side of the club. That was kind of weird for Mexico or anywhere really. Later on I'd be more open to that, but at the time I was young and it seemed strange.

The next part of the trip was a strange personal experience. I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back my mark for entry had faded so the bouncers turned me outside. I then proceeded to wait around with no phone service for about an hour until the place closed.  While outside, I got asked if I needed an ATM or some "bang bang suckee suckee"- yeap that's what the guy said. I felt terrible because I couldn't let anyone know where I was. Thus, I hung outside alone until I ran into Ladonte from my high school (RIP) and then this girl named Julia(a latina) from my high school. I kept conversation until eventually my Julia and her crew came out. They were all upset at me because they thought I had ditched them to talk to the latina Julia, when in reality they had no idea what had happened.

Going back to the border was a moment that made me look at Mexico and perhaps a lot of things differently. There's essentially a gauntlet of poverty on the way back to the border of hundreds of Tijuana families selling stuff to foreigners to get some money for living. It really put my class level into perspective and really made me never want to go to Mexico just to party again; as it I felt these people deserved more of my respect than that.
After that, I got everyone home. Even though they grumbled about my disappearance I knew I was right and just misunderstood.