Errands, errands and more errands

Greetings, this is my blog I've decided to write. On this blog, I'm eventually going to write about my travels, but now that I finally have the internet I can write like I said I would. As such,  there are a lot of thoughts in my head that I wish to share. Along with that, are a whole slew of ideas and concepts that sometimes work and sometimes don't.

Anyways, the first few days of NYC have been pretty good. Thankfully I lived alone in Atlanta first  because it prepped me on how to get many needs handled like rent, bills, internet, groceries, handy work and more.  However; not much would prepare me for drilling holes in my apartment for AC window units, one of the many NYC phenomenons that I'll discuss as we go along.  My apartment works well and I try to keep it organized and clean.

Beyond the apartment are a variety of other odds and ends to workout for NYC. For instance, hopefully all packages can be rerouted to my school otherwise they're going to have some wonderings about me. Thus, with no doorman good luck for your packages in this city. Mailing them to the school will not be too bad as I'm only about two blocks away. On a different note, I need a microwave, but I definitely have discovered how to warm up things in the oven! Also, multiple trips to target are weird with no car (I may need zipcar) and getting furniture is costly to move. Thus, I can't wait until I get paid, but more importantly I'm excited for new work opportunities on Monday!

I've seen some good people here who were visiting, my homegurl Nikki, and her fabulous friends too. And tonight I'm going to a rooftop BBQ with Hailey and Devin. All this equates to unique subway riding on the late night trains.
 I let people know I'm around because come next week it's work time!! Also, the women here are gorgeous!  Atlanta was heaven with black women, but my area has tons of Dominican women and if you know my stories from being in the DR earlier this year, then you completely understand my love for them.

In other news, the master's is almost done so I'll be able to focus solely on work, finding that lady, and learning Portuguese!

Finally, I miss all of you Californians, but East Coasters let's boogie! Meanwhile, you DC people who keep telling me I should live there...a visit will happen at some point.