NYC Odds and Ends; Plus details on the great new job!

I've already discussed some oddities about NYC but I'll just list them all here so I don't have to discuss them again.
*UPS somehow doesn't know how to work correctly in NYC; go figure
*Packages - yeah the school might get some or all of mine. I have no doorman so that means packages go poof or to nobody. It doesn't help that the UPS store is a few blocks away and the post office is even further, don't expect mail anytime soon people!
*Washing clothes - yes it's easier if someone does it for you; It's less time consuming and very well done too. They need tip jars badly
*Someone didn't think for subways to go crosstown so buses are how that works (they're not great). Except for crossing central park, yeah that's not happening for all of you that live in the Upper West Side below Columbia
*Sure I have no car, but that doesn't mean a commute can't rack up to 30 to 45 minutes it's like LA but this time you don't drive YAYAYAYAY, meaning I can read or do work instead.
*NYC is an old city which means no room for dumpsters = trash on the sidewalk. While no elevators in most buildings = 6 to 8 floor walk-ups!!!
*Pizza is really that easy to get to, but I hope you have cash. Someone forgot to tell NYC how progressive they are because so many places prefer cash - wtf this isn't the middle of nowhere south - over cards
*People seem to drink heavily here. I guess it's because there are no need for DDs
*Cabs are so wonderful here, though you can't call one in advance (oddity)
*There's beat cops, meaning cops that actually walk around the neighborhood. OMG you can say hi!!! This is better than them staring me down from my car 
*It has the ugliest and prettiest people I've ever seen. I mean hey, this is where everyone is so that means everyone - good or bad - is here lol
*Moving things, van? someone with a car? O wait parking - the cost? Zipcar? Yeah this is a process in the city and you're better off just shelling it out than getting a ticket
*Banks - ATMs are everywhere, while your bank = 20 blocks away. I debate to switch to a new bank or not. Hmm probably not until the college loans are paid off

Anyways with all that being said I'm really happy and excited about my work place; t's diverse, the administration has it together for the first time in my life, and we've got a lot of interesting personalities working together.  I think I finally got it right, obviously all remains to be seen until the scholars arrive, but I'm excited! It feels good to be with this team and I finally got the job and the city right. Though  I know I just complained about it, this city is infinitely even more amazing with the job. It's a rough city, good job and I'm excited for the year.  
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