NYC Cash-Only Rant and The Ironbound Jornada

Alright, before I get to talking about one of the most culturally satisfying places in the US, let me do a little rant on the whole cash thing in NYC. Gypsy cabs, some pizzas places, some bars and various other locations love to not take credit cards or charge extra. Honestly people, this is NYC, which is supposed to be progressive. Now, I can understand the places nearby my school in Houston not taking credit cards as I don't think that place knew that we had passed the 1800s yet, but not NYC.  There's tons of banks here and a lot of people with cards that can give businesses money. Suck it up, get over the mafia and take the Visa charge. You'll get more money in the long run!!!!

           Anyways, today I did one of my "let's explore a city adventures" I always enjoy going on.  Before we begin, let's start with an incident in NYC.  I saw something that I knew I would see eventually; someone fall on the subway. It was a poor, kind, middle aged lady who looked like she actually hurt herself. I flung my book, and me and another Dominican guy helped her out. Some other people grabbed her stuff and sat her down. This whole NYC people are the rudest people ever, is BS - if you don't waste our time we'll be polite. Anyways, moving on, I made my way to the PATH trains to Jersey, which apparently you can use your Metro Card for! Nikki Chambers, you'd be so proud of me as I made my way to the Harrison stop next to the stadium for New York Red Bulls.
              I then arrived at the Ironbound; a cool community of not just Portuguese suburbia like Point Loma, but a serious community with everything in Portuguese and if I wasn't going to Portugal next year I probably would've bought something Portuguese. There were Portuguese families, hot women, Brazilian culture, people casually chatting and eating Portuguese.  I was loving it and if you don't know yet, I'm half Portuguese and love my Portuguese half dearly. I love that half even though I very well know my ancestors mapped the world and also were the first to enslave my other half. Either way my parents love each other and that's what matters.  I even got to speak a little Portuguesa at the restaurant and I knew a good deal of what the server was saying because it's actually quite similar to Spanish. I can usually reason out the Latin forms of words I don't know - like Pao (bread) - thanks to my knowledge of Spanish, French and Italian. I took some pictures which I'll put up eventually.  I will be back because it felt really good to finally see the other half of my heritage represented so well. Next time, more people should travel with me for you know I travel well! Muito bom!