NYC Relationship Thoughts

As much as I want to discuss Mexico - don't worry it's coming - I really have to discuss one of the oddities of NYC. Yes I know the city is frowned upon for relationships, but literally everyone is like ooooo noo I can't commit. Which is weird because there are people who are married, in long-term relationships, with legitimate children, boyfriends and girlfriends. So I'm wondering, is this only from the young single people or what? I'm very confused for all intents and purposes with the mission here. People say it's a great city for dating and hook-ups, yet there are some people in great relationships.

Hopefully this will all get figured out. Perhaps my coworkers can find me some glorious minority ladies to be with. This will be much to the chagrin of the non-minority ladies - hey I want consistency and a lover now, so we're done playing.

Up next that crazy trip to Mexico.