The Big Apple (London and Paris are now separate posts)

The next travel I will discuss is the trip I took in 2008 to see, arguably, 3 of the biggest, most well known cities in the world: London, Paris and New York City -the first time. However, this short post is mainly about NYC.

NYC - I think this whole trip was hilarious in dealing with my parents. This hilarity came from finding out that we have very different styles of travel.  Anyways, I saw all the touristy things in NYC like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, the Met and the MoMA. While I was there, I was scared and intimidated by the city!!!! Yes the city that I now love, scared the crap out of me on the first time. There's more to talk about like seeing Central Park, the Lincoln Center and just walking around but I didn't do a whole lot because I just stayed in bed. Eventually I would return to NYC and learn to love it.