Exploring New York from time to time

Figure I'd give all of you an NYC update.

Work is great! Tough and demanding but worth it. The coworkers are awesome, the principal keeps us focused and the kids have begun to show their colors, but they're still brilliant and hardworking kids.  On another note, I'm going to become one of the flag football coaches for our school; this should be quite interesting haha.

As for NYC exploration, I went to 5 Pointz in Brooklyn. Here there are some awesomely amazing graffiti and space to do the graffiti. Due to this, it pretty much trumps any other city's graffitti besides the creativity of the artist Banksy. I went with my man Chris Lim, who while not on Facebook, is still kicking it in my life in NYC; encouraging me to get out, try new things and go to concerts - I've got to check out Madison Square or Barclays. It's good to have people motivate me and call my BS. Anyways right after we went over to PS1,which I believe was the first public school in NYC. This was such a ripoff!!!!! $12 for everything to be closed that day and nothing dealing with the history of the school except a couple of pictures. Waste of time don't go there! But we consoled with some decent diner food after.
           Another exploration that I have been frequenting, is going to a different bar almost every night. A good friend of mine Carrie Ann knows NYC very well and shows me cool bars. This is also helped along with the randomness of hanging out with different friends at different bars. So far my favorite bars for different reasons are: Karma, R Bar, bOb, Opal, and Marrion with its free burgers with beers -what?!?!?!. I'm still drinking then I guess. No I'm not an alcoholic, but it's so easy to hop here and there for drinking in this city.
           Lastly, online dating has been amusing. Carrie Ann recommended that I hone in on what I actually want instead of meeting people I may not like or debating certain women. She said that I should really write down what I want. I've gotten and given the cold shoulder to deal with people you don't want to see in NYC. Soon, primarily after September, I'm probably just going to chill from this online zaniness and get work done with coaching, the master's and school work. Thus, I'll get there when I get there with children. I in fact do want children, though I have no idea when I do want at least one. I still have 15 years to beat my dad to having a child so yeah.  Also quick thank you to all those who chime in, as you know how much I like giving my opinion when it isn't asked for; an adult push to work on.