NYC Public Transportation or the Trouble with Taxis

First of all,
Many thanks to my viewers for almost 1000 views. Wow! I had no idea how many of the great people that have shaped my life would be checking in. Also I don't know how you subscribe to a blog these days without creating your own blogger. I would not want anyone to have to create blogger with no purpose, so just keep on viewing. 

Moving along,
Quick blog rant about Transportation in NYC with attention to Taxis.
I'll first say that apparently water ferries are the quickest way between certain boroughs and you can drink and jam on the East River and Staten Island ones. This really makes me want to go to Staten Island just to ride the ferry lol.
Buses are the worst. I hate buses because people tend to be a lot ruder on them than anywhere else, Chicago, DC and NYC I'm looking at you, and because they simply have to be in the same traffic that I would be in if I drove myself, as seen in LA and Atlanta. But it's one of the best ways to get crosstown  - thanks Central Park for blocking half of Manhattan...
Subways are glorious! I personally love them and the NYC subway is 24/7; the only one in the world. Hence why I like it the best, barely beating Tokyo's intricate and timely system. People just know what to do on subways. The one issue of course is when a line is down for construction and to get somewhere I will probably have to take a:

Taxi. Now let me begin on Taxis, if you know how I feel about a taxis, you know that I think they're horrible. LA is responsible for this, because before I had my car, I would have to take a taxi in LA traffic. Not only that, but LA taxis are the most expensive in the country - whose brilliant idea was it for the taxis that have to travel the farthest on average are the costliest in the country? damn. However, NYC taxis I finally don't mind. Whereas before I never minded being the DD just so I wouldn't have to take a taxi. Of course if someone offered to pay my share, my curmudgeon self wouldn't mind getting in the taxi.  Taxis in Atlanta are pretty decent guys that will chat with you and keep it real, taxis in Houston are the craziest people I've ever seen in my life and the worst taxi drivers San Diego decent, LA decent but expensive. NYC they don't talk much but they have an easy life of telling the cross streets.  Now apparently there are dollar cabs based on Jay-Z's New York State of Mind song, but I like those gypsy cabs that give you approximate fares if you've got the cash, which is part of a previous rant so I usually don't.
Meanwhile an odd thing is that Yellow Taxis (Cabs) near me don't mind picking me up. As such it's easy to get a cab right outside in East Harlem, usually because I'm the only one asking for a cab lol. However, down below 60 street I seriously need my non-black males to come support - meaning females of any race and primarily white males, because taxis in lower manhattan are RACIST! It takes me well over 10 minutes to get a cab every time and usually they ignore me because they don't think I have money, though I probably have more than they will ever make in their lifetimes. It's terrible, it's annoying, and it really detracts from a great night when I have to wait forever for a cab.  So could my friends please come help me out when I need it.

Viva Peru Part 2 is next!