NYC Subway and Coaching

Besides being unable to sleep on a Saturday night in the city when I should be out somewhere, I decided on my next NYC rant. Besides a NYC rant, this blog will also discuss being a Flag Football coach.

Anyways, the NYC subway is one of my favorite aspects of NYC for a few reasons. First of all, it is very convenient when you think about it, it's throughout the whole city, all five boroughs and it's 24/7. Tokyo is about the closest thing due to its timing and complexity but it is not 24/7. How NYC subways work and how people work on them can be quite intriguing.
My subway experiences include:
Going through Emergency Exits instead of turnstiles both waist and full length. The full length ones seem scary to many.
A lady taking the patrons to church in the subway car - one lady even cried
Kissing on a subway
Watching high school students yell
Helping a lady who fell
Jamming through the closed doors
Waiting until a fire that requires a train switch or track was cleared up
Almost puking
Seeing a random guy kiss a random girl on the cheek that she wiped off
Some Nigerian brothers getting helped for directions. I've done the same for other tourists
Read books, listened to music and wore sunglasses
Chatted about Catch-22 and Billy Zane saving someone's life
The homeless guy on the A train, along with all the other homeless
Going up and down stairs to find the uptown v. downtown trains, BK v. Queens etc...
Laughing at my friends falling over themselves when inebriated.
Been stared at by a lady who made lewd gestures with her mouth. That was such an awkward experience...
...and much more. The subway is a strange and wonderful time. My only complaints are the time delays on the weekends and the random construction that closes certain stops or trains going up or downtown - super annoying.

As for coaching, I just wanted to bring up another great experience that happens at the current job. It's one experience to teach and another to coach. The team, the coaches and the players have gotten progressively  better as the season has gone on. I must say, learning how to create defensive and offensive plays and what to do in certain situations is a hard rush of thinking on the fly, while the victories are so much sweeter. It's also a great time when people come to support the players and you. As such, while being a student is a world from being a teacher, the same can be said from being a player to a coach. You've really got to see both sides of the game/classroom.
Take care until next time - South Africa aka the motherland is next.