London Calling - The Expansion on England - (Paris, France moved to another post)

So I realized that with Japan, Italy, even Mexico and Canada, I gave more detail than with England and France. First of all, while I don't have a favorite country I've seen, I would say that France and England aren't as high for a few reasons and I think it may be solely because they're so popular.
London is EXPENSIVEEEE. There's this wild realization that everything you're buying is two times as much. Anyways, I absolutely enjoyed all the foreign food from around the world that was in London. Since British food outside of Breakfast, Fish & Chips, Beer and Tea time was quite bland.  What I also enjoyed was that we were at a nice hotel. The extra bed in the room was rough, so Mom slept in it as I still complained a lot during these days.  Another interesting cultural aspect is that the British aren't very loud when they eat, so you must be quiet and respectful.
                     The big highlights of London itself was the original Hard Rock Cafe, with a great groupie who had tons of history on British Rock and Trafalgar Square, the gathering spot of England. The National Gallery -Da Vinci has Madonna and the Rocks and some other great work here - one of the best art galleries in the world and the British Museum, the place where all the conquered countries want their stuff back. These artifacts range from the Rosetta Stone to Egyptian tombs. The British Library with Da Vinci drawings and original Beatles' work which was about as cool Abbey Road itself. The Tower of London - Anne Boleyn, the Crown Jewels and Beefeaters. We also went to Greenwich Village with the Prime Meridian for longitude, the Sherlock Holmes house, the Double Decker Bus tour, cars on the left hand side, the glorious Underground/Tube = Cockfosters and Mind the Gap, Churchill Museum which is aTop 10 world museum fo sho and Buckingham Palace where we were treated with the arrival of the queen and a James Bond remix from the soldier band.

                   We would also venture out to Stonehenge - I LOVE IT!!! Oldest thing ever besides the Pyramids-, Bath which was a quirky ex-Roman city, and Windsor Castle which had a collection that I felt that world will call and want their stuff back on.
English Expansion:
*Windsor Castle - people actually live here if they're related to servants of the royal family. You'll randomly see old people living there
*Bath - There's colorful pigs everywhere to represent the most dirty animal getting clean and you can drink the Bath water - which is super nasty by the way
*The London Eye - has gorgeous views of the river Thames and the city of London. I've had a profile pic of it at some point. It looks crazy in the city, but then again London has random architecture
*The reason why the Churchill Museum is so amazing is because it has so much detail about Winston Churchill's whole life. It's clear the British revere him, but it's also clear that he was awesome with his quotes and amazing stories while he was in the British Army.
*I had fish and chips which is fish and fries. I also had a completely legal beer in London
*Apparently it's a lengthy and hard process to become a Beefeater guard at the Tower of London. The Tower of London also has so many weapons it's insane. Fun fact: This is the Tower where Anne Boleyn was executed.
*Piccadilly to Cockfosters is one of the greatest lines on a subway (the tube) ever. The Underground tube is awesome and remember Mind the Gap
*I engaged in a bit of side debauchery here and those that know me probably know what it was. It's weird trying that in other countries especially when calling from the red telephone boxes hah
*The Indians are the poor here and they often are cleaning people, this in contrast to Italy - Northern Africans, America - Mexicans, and Japanese - Japanese. Interesting how classes and races change depending on what country I'm in.
*One thing I completely forgot to mention was the changing of the guard and the arrival of the queen at Buckingham Palace. Security had semi-automatic weapons because she was around.
*There are some great red double decker buses here - yes you know those buses
*Trafalgar Square is great - you know it from the T-Mobile commercials
*Another highlight was the Tutankhamen exhibit at the 02 which had his live sarcophagus from Egypt.