La Republica Dominicana

Greetings and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
This post will be the last out of country post for awhile.  It will also most likely be my shortest out of country post as the things I did here were…..different.
I would be returning to Miami airport for the 2nd time in the year and I would be traveling straight to Santo Domingo right after. I was greeted with currency exchange, gorgeous attendants, and an overall touristy atmosphere. Getting out of the main terminals, I was greeted by hundreds of Dominicans, who all looked like me, so I blended right in.  If you've been keeping up to date with my travels, you'll know that I don't have to prep too much for Spanish speaking countries, due to my knowledge of the language. With that and my tan skin, I was a shoo-in for a Dominicano - which most people in NYC think I am!  After that, I was confused by ATMs that worked half the time and some that didn't. This would become weird because the city took both DR pesos and US dollars anywhere in the country. As such, currency exchange wasn't as prevalent, but it was useful for the rejected cars of America taxi cab service that gave me a nighttime tour of the country.
Earlier, I had written about the poverty in countries such as South Africa and Peru. The DR felt different as I found that very few if anyone lived above middle class and many were below.  Therefore, on the way to Santo Domingo, I saw the freedom of motorcycles with no helmets and youth with free reign around their country.

I would arrive at my hotel to the late night assistant, good ol Rodrigo. Rodrigo asked me several times about chicas and if I wanted any? This wasn't my reason for going to the country as much as my coworker at the time Tarik insisted I go there for it.  However, let me just say that no man can resist the charms of Dominican women - quite possibly the most beautiful women on the planet. I would then walk down to the local bar have a big glass of El Presidente; which was $1.50 for about a pint or more of some great tasting beer.  The women at this bar were pretty people; while another patron talked to me about the States. Of course, I would attract the oldest bartender, a definite cougar type who would become my tour guide for the country.

In touring the city I found: the mansion (Alcazar de Colon) of Cristobal Columbo, a few fortresses, illuminating Calle el Conde, the Faro De Calon (lighthouse), some churches, the Museas de Casas Reales all en la Zona Colonial (World Heritage Site). Side note, there is a Chinatown here too….weird. Half I would see on my while exploring the city and the other half with my tour guide, who's name I am now blanking on. I would dine on habichuelas, jugos, arroz and a whole assortment of good food from the buffet like food places. The food is great here, definitely different than Mexican, but great tasting.

After drinking, dancing the bachata, and taking pictures while riding a motorcycle with no helmet, I was off on a bus to Sosua. I went to Sosua for a day and a night, solely for scuba diving. This was a wonderful experience, but a bit dangerous as the breathing techniques are unique and you have to remember how to work them to move.  After diving with an Italian lady, crazy old Australian dude, and three black men I would receive my PADI card. Yes, I can now practice around the world at PADI centers. The key about this though was seeing how blue and beautiful the water was on the northern part of the island and of course meeting the three black men.  These were middle-aged men who all had former lives in the US and had came to the DR for debauchery.  Wherein Santo Domingo, hardly any Dominicanas talked to me, in Sosua; however, both Haitian and Dominican women enticed you for massages and other things.  This got uncomfortable, but soon after, those three guys covered everything and put me up in a lot nicer -with military guards no less- from my little place. Thus, if you want to know about my experiences with the women of Sosua, ask me in person or message me, as it is a private conversation.

Lastly, I would go back through the country side, after being hassled by the female roommate of the guys in the DR and realizing that sexual tourism is the name of much of Sosua's game. Soon after, I finally had a chica over which excited Rodrigo. I would also see a small little demonstration for the youth (more like college-age) nearby my hotel.  Finally, I would hitch a ride with Vicente and his convertible down the coast to the airport.

Being that I'm a Californian, the Caribbean is not my favorite region of countries that I've been to. However, I had fun with the scuba diving and found knowledge with the historical aspects of Cristobal damaging the island of the Taino people back in the 1400s. This was where Columbus landed in the Americas, which forever changed the world. It was also entertaining to hear the differences in Spanish and French dialects from the Dominican and Haitian people respectively.  I also had an intriguing time with the women of the Dominican Republic which sparked my current thought process. After going here, I realized that when I got to NYC, I would settle down and hope that from now on my travels would be with other people or friends.