NYC: The Barhop #1

After talking to a coworker of mine, I decided to write more in depth on restaurants or bars that I've encountered in this city. To be honest, I don't feel I've seen another restaurants to have a strong opinion on them. Thus, I feel most of the time I eat my own food or eat at bars.  With that being said, I've probably only been to maybe two restaurants here compared to the bars I've been to.

Anyways, these posts will highlight 3-5 bars more in depth for a variety of reasons. Without further ado, here are the first set of bars:

R Bar - A bar around lower east side/the bowery. This bar has reasonably priced drinks and does have classy bouncers. The decor of the bar is pretty classy, but also comfortable. R bar rides this great feeling of relaxed class which NYC pulls off pretty well.  There are some private booths/tables with these cool metal beads covering the openings for a trendy feel. Bartenders are pretty good looking too.  The crowd is fairly hipster. On top of all this are the burlesque shows they occasionally have. When I went there I went to meet up with a friend to see a burlesque girl we both knew. It's a pretty cool shtick that makes me fully recommend R Bar.

Merrion Square - Located at the split of Upper East Side & East Harlem. If You want to talk about a bar with one of the best deals of all time in NYC, then this is the place. Sure it has skeeball - sometimes tournaments - which is different for most bars. And there's a Big Buck Hunter in the corner too, but for happy hours at around $5 for every drink you can get a burger. This deal isn't only limited to happy hour, but anytime. Thus, you buy a drink and you get a pretty decent burger for no cost. It's fantastic if you simply want a drink and some food. Bartenders are friendly as is the waitress. The crows is everyday people grabbing a drink and going to bathrooms with subway door coverings. I fully recommend this bar for its simplicity and one of the best deals in the city.

ABV - Located in the Upper East Side. This bar will always hold a place in my heart as the bar I went to after I realized I got a job. I got it and had a cold one. The drinks are a little pricier here, so the crowd is a bit more yuppie. There is also some pretty good albeit pricier and smaller portioned food here. That being said, the food has really intriguing mixtures such as the caramelized onions on the super fries or the walnuts with gnocchi.  The space is small, but if you feel like you've got some more change in your pocket, come grab the stronger drinks and good tasting food. I recommend ABV for its taste and class.

Corner Social - Located in the middle of Harlem on 125th and Lenox. Let me just say I love Corner Social. This bar is my #1 date spot for a few reasons. First of all, it always feels cozy and the bartenders, waiters, cooks and hosts are black just like imo a Harlem institution should. Along with that, the drinks are reasonable & the selection is the best out of the bars I've listed so far. However, the largest reason I like is that the bar food is diverse, reasonably priced and great tasting. Therefore, one can have drinks or eat great food for lunch or dinner. Quick Note; for brunch you can get a mimosa or bloody mary with your meal - this seems to be a common NYC thing. I highly recommend Corner Social for dates (great music too) or simply grabbing drinks to chill.

And with that, my first barhopping experience is complete in NYC. The next blog post will discuss my wild times in the Dominican Republic. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, mine is going to be the strangest one yet, but it should be entertaining.