NYC Holidays and Happenings

Once again going along with the notion that everything is different in this city, I will discuss holidays as I have been here for a few and will be here for a few more.
The most recent holiday that got me thinking was Halloween. Sure I figured you would have apartment and bar extravaganzas with people in awesome, and especially this year, costumes with poor taste. Beyond that, my primary thought was how do you trick or treat with no houses.....?
Apparently you go through your apartment, ring the doorbell or knock on the doors for candy. Also some stores like to give out candy as well.  If I had a kid I would probably just rent a car and drive them to Queens. Anyways, I'll discuss some more holidays from what I've seen here.

As anyone knows, Christmas in NYC is an absolutely amazing time of year and the whole city feels like it changes; statues are put up, ice skating opens and the spirit of Christmas begins to truly feel seasonal here. This is to say it feels like Christmas, unlike all the other cities I've lived in.  The only other holiday I've seen here is Labor Day in which, honestly, people are really just drunkingly enjoying themselves.

As such, this is a short post primarily because Halloween here absolutely fascinated me to where I wanted to talk about it, and I like to break up my posts between travel blogs. Nevertheless, before I finish I just want to post about a really cool person I've met here who is from the hometown, San Diego, too. We'll see what happens with her, but she's pretty damn awesome to be around. Time will tell.