Becoming a Better Person on your Birthday

This blog is just because and because some coworkers recommended that I blog about my birthday on a  really awesome and sweet card by my birthday buddy. Also, the students tried to figure out my birthday and had well wishes for me. The funny part about that is a lot of them wanted to come eat BBQ on my birthday with me lol.
After work, the office coworkers took me to happy hour, then some more coworkers bought me drinks. The following day, I was definitely hungover but I powered through, did errands and went to the gym. After that, I had a date on my birthday!?! Hah you can do what you want right? It went really well with someone of non-conventional beauty as I realized I was often trying to please others with who I dated instead of just myself.

Throughout the day, I got more calls, texts, and Facebook posts than any other birthday.  Also, I had a nice little crowd at my birthday & even got a gift!  The gift was a excerpt a student had written about their favorite teacher.  The excerpt was about me from a student who I often have difficulty with.  Apparently, he listens to all the advice I give him and wants me to continue to staying on top of him.  As such, this is why I teach, for the moments when the students really understand and appreciate what I do for them.

Anyways, after dinner at Blue Smoke that has BBQ from all the regions, we met up with another coworker at a strange little Tribeca bar, Ward 3 (next barhop may include it), who had people with my birthday and pretty good music.

Overall, the best thing about this birthday is how I felt like I was a better person. More people genuinely said happy birthday to me, I paid for my dinner and for my date earlier, and I just wanted to celebrate everyone's good fortune. I just felt like I've grown as a person and I've actually become a better person that more people appreciate.

Thanks to everyone who said happy birthday and I truly feel loved and appreciated that people acknowledge how I've grown.