Christmas in California/A New Year's Resolution for 2014

As I sit in San Diego Airport, I realize how wonderful my small but glorious excursion home was this winter break.  I originally wasn't planning on going home. However, at some point (around Thanksgiving), I realized that I should probably go home because none of my New York friends are going to be around.  So, hey I lied over the summer and came home.  This occurrence would happen again before the break was over.

I had a great time seeing a lot of my old friends, some swung by the house for the quick hello and some rejoiced in a reunion elsewhere.  Either way, it was grand.  First of all, I Brandon (B-Rez), Brian and Parnia swung by and were able to say hi to the parents too.  I did a quick hello to Kuan over at his house and saw his mom for some leftovers.  As for my own Christmas, I spent it with my grandparents, parents and a family friend - Gary.  Along with this, it was nice to give gifts to my parents as I do think my mom may finally use the gift - a scarf. In return, I got the Roots miniseries! Finally, going to watch it!!!!

Moving along to the more detailed reunions.  I had one on Thursday with Katy, Kelly, Leda, Katy's brother and Leif. We sang karaoke, speeded to pizza - which we ate in Morley Field and hung out at Rudford's.  I hadn't seen Katy, Kelly and Leda in about 7 years so there's a lot that we had to catch up on.  I'm quite happy that we did see each other again as it felt so good to have them in my life again!
Friday, Brittani came down and hung out with my parents, then we drove for her little reunion with Kelly.  Afterwards we had a happy hour at Johnny V's with Julia, Stephanie and all their friends, Amanda and her friends, Vanessa, Spencer, Amber, Leif and Patrick. We had a great night filled with cheap drinks, laying down for Patron, dancing, hat passing, and dirty Mexican food.
Saturday, I got to check out the Salk Institute dedicated to Jonas Salk. It's 10 minutes away from my house and I had never seen it. Thus, it's always nice when I discover something in San Diego as that is few and far in between.
Note: There will be pictures of nearly all this reunion and love coming soon.

While I know most of this post has been different in that I used names and simply talked about who I hung out with, there is something to be said about the wonderful people I saw again and the advice they gave me.  As such, most if not all simply expressed that I should return to as B-rez would say - serendipity.  I've been basically setting up exactly the kind of "mother" I would want as I've been obsessing about wanting to get married and have kids.
 I realized after talking to parents and good friends that I should really just enjoy the wonderful life I have in NYC and overall.  I'm going to take a break from online dating and obsessing about women and simply enjoy life. If I happen to find someone who could be wonderful to have fun with in real life so be it.  I'm making a move to also stop being held back by race, because let's face I've dated all of them.  Along with this, I wrote down some of what I really want from life and marriage & kids didn't immediately come to my mind.  Instead, hanging out and having fun times with a wonderful lady came to my mind.  Perhaps, I'll return to online dating eventually, but without so much of the restrictions I had before.  As such, it's back to being single - not because I need to be alone or want to mingle - but simply because I want to just chill out on it and enjoy my friends and the success of my students.

That being said,
We're boarding and I'm on my way back to NYC which truly felt like a completely different world from beautiful San Diego. I love my work in NYC, but I love my home in San Diego. Much love everyone, you're fantastic people in San Diego. And for my New Yorkers? Even though we didn't say Merry Christmas to each other, much love to you too. Enjoy the New Year everyone, I don't know how I'll top 2013.