Friendsgiving in NYC

I've begun to wonder if my life in NYC is going to be like a Woody Allen film, a Spike Lee Joint, or akin to Louie CK. All scenarios make sense in context. When I'm lonely and have absurd commentary on the city, I feel like Louie. When I'm partying or critiquing issues with the world I feel like I'm a Spike Lee Joint. Lastly, when I feel intellectual and have meaningless conversation with good lucking educated people, well it's Woody Allen for sure.  Friendsgiving felt like that.

As always, holidays are just plain different in NYC and Thanksgiving or in this case Friendsgiving is no different.  For most of the holidays, I decided I would be in NYC instead of going home.  I failed to have the foresight to realize that most everybody was going home and they wouldn't be in NYC to do so….
Now of course, I thought by now I would have somebody and I did, but that ended earlier in the month for reasons you can ask me offline about.  As such, I went to a Friendsgiving with a coworker's roommate, Kelly, and her parents. At first, I was apprehensive, but the night turned about to be great and I saw a different part of Harlem around 140th to 150th street.

At this Friendsgiving, I had a great time talking with Kelly's parents, the gays, classy older black woman, younger black woman, other Democracy Prep teachers, and a black and Portuguese guy. We were a ton of intellectuals eating great food, listening to the host and his friends perform, and drinking well. I realized it was one of the few times I drank alcohol on Thanksgiving, but it was all in all good cheer. Everybody was charming everybody and I got a phone number that went nowhere (sad face Kelly). Kelly and I definitely agreed it felt very NYC: nice apartment, intellectuals chatting about nothing, constant flirting, something different - the performances, and drinking.

As I decided to go home, I realized that I had grown used to 30 degree weather and found it reasonable.  Along with that, I decided to walk across Central Park at midnight while dancing around to tunes. It was very safe and liberating fun. It reminded me once again, why I enjoy and love NYC. To end of the night, right before I got home, I saw a student and we wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving.  It was the perfect end to a different, but fulfilling Friendsgiving in NYC.

Stay tuned for another Barhop post, my USC v. UCLA argument, and the beginning of travelogues about the US cities.