NYC: The Barhop #2

After much debate, I've decided to postpone or most likely neglect to write a blog comparing USC to UCLA. My worst writing and emotions -even had an experience today- are taken in anger. Therefore, a blog with USC v. UCLA would be continuous unintelligent anger.  Instead, I'm going to write another blog about the bars in NYC because I have the time.  As such, I wasn't planning on writing until my birthday, but I felt that my birthday will have a more reflective piece on one of my favorite authors.

Anyways here's some more bars!

Karma - Located in the East Village/Bowery. Karma is unique little split level bar that reminds me of some bars in Austin without the large amounts of open space. The first floor of Karma has the bar with decent drinks and coat hooks for your coats. Note on this - coat hooks are a pretty cool thing to have in bars in colder climates; it just makes sense.  This bar is also a hookah lounge with some decent spots to chill and smoke.  Beneath the first floor is a little dance club where a DJ plays semi-decent tunes.  The best thing though is that you can have your drink then get your jam on downstairs. Another plus is that the diversity here is outstanding! Love it when a lot of people wind up at a bar. Thus, I highly recommend Karma!

Harlem Tavern - This is one of the de-facto bars of Harlem located in West Harlem. This is a great meeting spot with pretty Harlemites and big screens for different events (saw the VMAs here once). However, it is also strongly overrated. Everything here is overpriced as were the dates I took here heh. Along with that, I find that the food is not that great either. However, they do play good music and have really spacious & nice bathrooms. That being said, I recommend this bar for large groups if it's football Sunday, but not at all if you simply need a bar in West Harlem.

Opal - Located in the Upper East Side. This is overall a strange bar, I was tempted to write about my favorite UES bar, but instead decided to write about a decent bar with good times. First of all, this is one of the few NYC bars I've been to twice. Second of all, it has a seriously nice bartender that my friends Hailey & Devin introduced me to.  Devin knows most of the bartenders and one of the cool serving ladies there. With that, they gave us plenty to drink to enjoy the dichotomy of bar settings. The front room has a standard bar with tables. In the back is a little dancing space and another bar for that. The crowd gets strange and dances strange as the night goes on. Along with that, the bathrooms are oddly downstairs and lonely - don't ask why I used that to describe but a bathroom, but if you go you'll see. Anyways, Opal is standard fare with chill bartenders so I say that it is a bar I recommend as a reasonably priced UES bar.

Camp - Located in West Brooklyn near Downtown. This is the first and only bar I've been to in Brooklyn.  This is a very tiny bar, with a great bartender, reasonable drinks and a fantastic theme. The theme includes a camp setting with a bonfire on the patio outside, wooden logs for chairs, login cabin walls, low cabin lighting, and two simple bathrooms.  With the organization that I went with for a reunion, the bartender gave us a great deal for 1/2 priced drinks. As such, we had a good reunion of friends and a good time at the tiny themed bar. However, I can't fully recommend Camp unless you're simply need a drink by yourself. Past that, I wouldn't do much here.

And there you have it, another barhop around NYC. These barhops make me want to use my yelp account more. That being said, if they paid me to critique, I would do it.
Next up a birthday reflection and soon after my critique of cities in the USA.