NYC: The Barhop #3

Once again we're back discussing bars on the streets of NYC at this chilly time.  So where to grab a cervezha - giving you a little Portugues? Here are some more bars.

Apartment 78 - Located way up in Washington Heights on 191st street.  This bar is a small but fun bar. There is a bouncer, but there's some seating and decent drinks to be had. Especially be on the look out for the pitchers of sangria - not quality sangria, but it will get everyone drunk for a pretty penny.  Beyond that, my favorite thing at Apartment 78 is the people! As Washington Heights is filled with Dominicans, so to is Apartment 78 with hip-hop, meringue and gorgeous (Dominicans are still #2 on my most beautiful women of the world list). Therefore, I recommend Apartment 78.

Malt House - Located in West Village near NYU. Have you ever felt the need for a simple well drink by the ol college? Well Malt House might suit you just fine. The drinks here are cheap for NYC and serve their purpose. At the same time, there is not much for bar food here nor is there much for music and seating. Malt House has the very simple purpose of a place to buy a drink. If you need a drink I recommend it, if you want something more I don't recommend it.

40/40 Club - Located in Midtown near Times Square. Fancy, fancy, fancy. This may be the bougiest bar I've ever been to in my life. This makes sense considering it is Jay-Z's club that is filled with class.  The concept revolves around something with making 40 in athletics and has baseball bats around it.  The main bar has tables and huge tv screens to watch sports and what have you. Along with that, the DJ spins pretty good HOVA tracks.  The bartenders/waitresses have class and some look like seriously professional working girls (yes in that sense).  The main reason for this is that if you join the club with a professional jacket and all that with $1,000 entry fees then you can be at the upper level with celebrities and who knows what dance parties - super bougie. Another thing to note is that the food and drinks are expensive; however, the food is surprisingly good and the drink menu filled with variety.  Lastly, the bathrooms have no gender and you walk into a dimmed hallway with private bathrooms….uhm I'll let you think on that. I can only somewhat recommend 40/40 Club. because while everyone should see it, it should never be your regular bar.

Radegast - Located in Williamsburg. Welcome to bar #2 I've been to in Brooklyn and this one is a Biergarten/Beer Hall. This is a great bar, one that invokes that trendy LA or Willie B spirit while still being a good place to eat and drink.  There are regular and picnic tables, used to evoke an Oktoberfest spirit - the classy lady I went on date with here told me so.  For music, they have bands that play German music (polka?) here and some solid German beers in various large sizes. Also, there is food you can get at tables or from the grill - which has some wonderful types of wurst and sausages. Overall, this my favorite on this barhop and I highly recommend this bar for both eating and drinking with the German spirit.

Stay tuned for the next Cityblog on Portland, Oregon!
Side note - 2013 year in review on Facebook is wild, I did an insane amount of things this year.