NYC Barhop #4

Well since I'm stuck for another night (I hope no more delays happen). Anyways, I've been thinking about some things that have changed since I arrived in NYC and I'm glad I'm headed to California to get some perspective. But all that is for another post, anyways here are some more bars of NYC.

BoBs -Located in East Village near Houston St. While this is a small bar, this is the closest thing I can get to feeling like Atlanta's MJQ in NYC.  The DJ spins a lot of fun/classic tunes and everybody is dancing. As for drinks and seating, the bar is severely lacking; however, again just like MJQs the purpose here is to dance. Thus, everybody is enjoying themselves and really isn't considered about sitting. As such, for dancing, arguably some of the best in the city, I highly recommend BoBs, if you want to actually chill and drink, I don't recommend this bar.

Auction House - Located in the Upper East Side. This is another definite date bar for me. As such, it is one of the few intimate and classy bars located in the UES.  There is a great selection of drinks here and they have a variety of liquor for you to mix and match with. The biggest highlight though, is the ambiance. There is low-level lighting everywhere and instead of standard tables & chairs there are great, ornate, Victorian pieces of furniture to sit and be intimate with. As such, I highly recommend Auction House for both dating and simply having some drinks with friends.

Mullane's Bar and Grill - Located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  This bar is quite simple and has some of the best TVs in the city for watching football. Furthermore, they are also some of the few people who will show more than one game at a bar too - not too common. Anyways, they've got some good drinks and pretty good food I might add too.  This is a standard go to bar and while it may not be unique, it gets the job done very well. Therefore, I highly recommend Mullane's for a stand-up bar for food, drinks and football - what else is there?

I debated on this last one, but I just have to put -
Niagara - Located in Alphabet City/Lower East Side. This is such a weird bar in every way. No offense to any of the regulars here, but this has some of the least attractive people I've seen at a bar, period. Which, going along with that, means that it has some of the worst dancing I've seen at a bar too. The drinks are standard fair, but the people are as bizarre as the stickers on the bathroom (???). I find that Niagara is this really weird nightmare and you just can't figure out why the people are so unattractive. I recommend this bar for a one-time only trip to see the peculiar phenomenon.

Cityblog coming up next. I'm leaning towards Miami; however, don't be surprised if I write about my recent thoughts and time in San Diego….if I ever get there hahaha.