Portlandia and some thoughts

Continuing with the Northwest cityblog, I will now discuss my time in Portland. Within Portland, I got to see a whole lot in a little amount of time -a night and a day.
Arriving in Portland, I would ride the MAX, a glorious public transit rail, that has space for bikers and even free zones, to my hotel.  On the way, I learned that Portland was the lesbian city to Seattle's gay city, Oregon has no sales tax, and that many homeless ran to Portland for shelter and kind hearts.  It took awhile to get to my hotel from the train station primarily because it was Portland Brewer Fest that weekend and crowded as hell.  After arriving, Zoe (Wahoo!) from Troy Camp would be my tour guide for Portland. She told me about the Portland Timbers (soccer) love and how Portland had so many bridges it could be called bridge city. We headed over to the Brewer festival and had tons of awesome beer from the microbreweries of Oregon (more than Germany apparently).  While there, we also met some nice people from the University of Washington, so after flaunting all our Pac-12 business they gave us their extra tokens to grab more beer!!!! Afterwards, we held a snake (I have a picture), were going to go to Voodoo Doughnuts, but the line was too long and so instead we met up with some of her friends at a local bar. Random note: some Giants fan harassed me at the bar about my Padres hat - this was 2010 so they had just won the World Series.

        The next day, I would explore Portland on my own. I got to see the gorgeous Rose Garden, observe skateboards, the view of Mt. Hood - Seattle's is Mt. Rainier -, and the amazing Powell's Books Store.  Thus, it was a simple and glorious day until the Amtrak….I stayed a little too long at Powell's viewing photography through the years and tried to get onto the Amtrak when the train police prevented me from making it on the train (people were still arriving on the train as I tried to go up to it). Some guy was absurd from letting me go, which was weird because people were going by the other guy (should've went there). Either way, Amtrak kicked me out for the day, but I was able to catch the Greyhound and meet some cool people from California. Overall, Portland was peaceful and fun, such a nice quirky city except for that Amtrak guy…he sucks.

Some other thoughts, things are going really well with my life and even though I'm finding a nice lady or two - don't worry people I'm about to go for just one- I'm questioning if it's what I really want. Not that I want to keep doing some wild times with women or that I'm lonely & need companionship, or that I need to find myself. I'm simply questioning what I really want or if in fact I've been really at peace with my friends and work in late November through December.  Like all is well and I think it's bugging me. Work with new possibilities too, health, living, friends and possibly even a lady, but I'm not sure if I want a relationship like I thought I did. This feeling probably started in November and now I kind of just want to hang out with me, my students and friends while exploring NYC. I don't truly know why I'm questioning it, but a trip to California is perfect right now to check in with everyone about my thoughts.

Anyways another Barhop and most likely Miami or St. Louis will be next.