Sleepless in Seattle - CityBlog!

It has been quite the week as I try to sift through what I really want to do when I return to the Big Apple after the break.  Hence, why I have not written much as of late. There has been much on my mind with school, my own acceptance of being attracted to unconventional (by media) beauty, and this  mesmerizing snow.

Let's begin the cityblog!

I did say that I would begin a cityblog after my travel/countryblog, so now I will. The first city I will discuss will be Seattle. Why Seattle? Primarily because I want to. As always, I will discuss the sights, the food, the people and any odd experiences I have in the city.

Seattle is a nice little city that is very walkable with hills.  It is reminiscent of California and as such part of the West Coast, but it also has it's long months of rain and depression.  This was not apparent whatsoever when I visited as I did not see any rain in the Northwest - an oddity.  The sights of Seattle are well known as the Space Needle is iconic -don't pay to ride it, the Columbia Center has a better view. The EMP museum is another great sight in its tribute to Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, along with the fact you can simply play music there.  Beyond that, I enjoyed the Underground tour - the city built on shifting sand basically, Pike's Place Market and the first Starbucks, and all the companies founded there from Costco to Boeing. Quick note the sports venues are decent, Safeco Field being my favorite.

One note to the food here it's good. Beyond the Seattle dog and corporate coffee, nothing stands out, but it's all good so you won't have to complain about nothing to eat. Not much here, but it works especially at Pike's Place.  With that, I'll push on the people. Apparently, Seattle is gay city and there are a lot of gays, but I didn't see much. Instead, I saw quite a lack of color there, but the people were not racist at all.  It's a fine city with some intriguing music history, but simply put, not many flock to there who aren't from there.  On a more somber note, there is a recurring sense that you are aware of how much land the Native Americans gave up for Seattle.

As for odd experiences, there weren't many besides the M80 firework going off when I was closer to the Seattle hood of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  Instead, there was some great moments with an old Troy Camper Pilgrim/Nick that included a look at the University of Washington, driving range, and eating dinner at his parents lakeside house -that good life.  Of course, I must highlight my main host, Brandon (B-Rez) whom I checked out Bauhaus, Capitol Hill, great sandwiches, the gum wall, friends who traveled to Turkey, Wonder Bread posterity, my only Harry Potter movie I've seen, and wonderful homeless signs.  Many thanks for being a great host B-Rez.

Two notes: the Sea-Tac has a weird little shifting card deck near one stop. Also, a lady from San Diego gave me a free beer on the plane into Seattle - Alaska beer on Alaskan Airlines, the guy next to paid -, for she liked my Padres hat!!!

Next Up Barhop#3, Next city = Portland, Oregon.