Cityblog: Bienvinido a Miami

It was a blizzard this weekend in NYC. With that being said, I'm going to write about the much warmer Miami.
Miami, would be an intriguing trip. Last year,  I went there two months in a row, for two separate occasions. This occurred because I booked my trip for our break incorrectly and had to do Miami separately from the Dominican Republic. However, everything would turn out ok.
I would be visiting Trang, my good friend from high school who chatted with me frequently after high school and with whom I chose our prom DJ with. She lived in a great one story house (not sure on the area) with her Cuban boo, Ricardo, who has in the real estate life.  Intriguing fact on Miami; most housing is bought in cash by gangs or drug dealers since they can give "straight cash homie."

We would explore Miami from the Shake Shack down there, to Coco Plaza(I think), the huge Vizcaya house with its view Biscayne Bay, University of Miami, downtown, Habana Pequena, Biltmore Hotel and of course South Beach.
The U is wonderfully tropical and seems like a big resort.  Vizcaya is such a strange building for Miami considering the lifestyle and road raging drivers there - though a set of foreign partiers were very nice and asked where we from on the road. The Biltmore was huge, elegant and had a giant swimming pool. Apparently celebrities roll through there all the time. Habana Pequena with Calle Ocho was real cool. We had Cuban coffee, saw Cubans busting out dominos, and had Palamillo Steak & other Cuban food - so good.  I found the Cubanos to be wonderful people honestly and while I wondered about Little Haiti I was cool seeing the Cubanos and the monuments to them.

South Beach is that wild.  People roll through with wild cars and even wilder bodies.  The women here are gorgeous, but they all seem high maintenance with their heels and surgery.  However, they are wonderful as can be seen by some of the pictures of the wild bars there from American bikinis to Michael Jackson impersonators.  The funniest part of the night though was going to a little small place with a hilarious bar owner and super hot amazon bartender.  Sorry, I don't remember the bar name otherwise I would guide you there for the cheap drinks. Also, two cool things on the way here were the skyline of downtown Miami (award for most colorful) and Star Island - filled with literally, stars.

Lastly, this was during Easter weekend, so I got to borrow Trang's car and get myself into some tomfoolery (if you've been paying attention to these blogs, you know exactly what I did during that time).  Still, Trang is a wonderful host and treated me to the food after her Easter jam with Ricardo.  Along with that, she made me a sandwich after we went out to the bars while Ricardo put on Reggaeton lol.

Final Notes: Started from the bottom (heard this like 20 times a day) and Danza Kudro were the songs of the weekend and a good time for all.  Parking here is absurd and you have to drive unlike NYC. I had a fun time here, but I don't think I could live here as the women cost too much and are too bougie.  Furthermore, the people didn't seem as genuine and much of the life was party time over everything.

The next city will probably be St. Louis as I'm trying to do cities I've only been in once. Expect a barhop and some rant about snow in NYC.