Cityblog: The One Hot Minute Cities

Still going to work in this weather, not sure how everyone else is though.
Anyways, I thought I'd give some quick shout out to cities I was in for a brief period of time whether I was driving through with dad or there for some other business (if you know then you know).

Richmond: The most recent, quick city that I would stay in and breeze through while on the way to NYC. This city is really where you can begin to see the divide between the South and the North as there are Confederate general statues mixed with DC-looking townhouses.  We also passed by the University of Richmond (go Spiders, what a fun mascot), it's a really nice school in a kind little capital.

Chapel Hill/Durham: Somehow I still haven't really seen Charlotte, but I have seen these two cities and their colleges; UNC and Duke respectively.  Chapel Hill is essentially a college town built around UNC which ends being the perfect college life spot. However, the homies are still there as my dad and I noted. Durham, on the other hand, is a smaller downtown business area that is not next to Duke because Duke has one of the largest campuses I have ever seen - there's an east and a west side. UNC has a modern look, while Duke opts for the classical Ivy League look.

Gettysburg: There's one reason to go here and it's not for the simple food places or almost hitting deer on the mountain highway to get there.  It's for the Civil War Museum which is huge and expansive, my dad thoroughly enjoyed his trip. Along with the cyclorama, (Atlanta has the other one I believe) it also has the graves of many soldiers from the Civil War.  It takes hours to fully enjoy and is probably the best and largest Civil War museum ever.

San Antonio: I visited the Alamo, which is the largest icon of the city and brings in several tourists a year.  Odd fact, is that if you go there now you will see several Mexicans commemorating it - I'm not sure if this in victory or reverence. Beyond the Alamo, is the Riverwalk, one of the most visited places in the country.  The Riverwalk is cool, especially at night when you can drink with several lights aglow and the river rafts moving.  One other intriguing aspect is that there are only three foods to eat in San Antonio: American, Tex-Mex and Italian (I would eat Tex-Mex).

Providence: This would be one of my only experiences in driving in snow. Providence is a nice small place with a decent downtown (Dunkin Donuts HQ!!!).  There are also lots of townhouses here as well and some expansive repurposed factories.

Albuquerque: All I could think of was Breaking Bad. However, the city is gorgeous - something about the mountains being so close with the elevation level as well.  The freeways have Native American designs on them in the Pueblo style; however, most of the layout is modern. It is a gorgeous city though that everyone should check out.

Memphis: Went up here for 4th of July for about o only 4 hours when I lived in the Delta. So the bizarre Beale St (nice little tourist trap - 6th st. Austin is way better!!!). Then I had some decent dry rub BBQ at Rendezvous and just hung out with some of that Houston 40 that rolled to the Delta. The people I went with were pretty tame, so it wasn't a very wild time in the city.

Minneapolis: Very cold (full on snow in April), but hey the downtown is nice with its sky bridges and the Mall of America is huge!!!!! I was here for just a small overnight moment and I didn't see much, though it was a simple and peaceful time. The highlight here is the Minnesota accent don't ya know.

Albany: This place is nothing like NYC, it's hard to believe that it's even in the same state. The world of upstate New York is filled with lush forests and mountains.  It's a diverse backyard of wonder, bridges and tolls.  However, it is a small city that doesn't seem to having anything in common with NYC.

I would write about Tampa (almost set-up for rear-ending), Baton Rogue, and Lafayette (crawfish boil!) too, but then I feel I would be simply reaching. Stay tuned for Phoenix and/or Boston which are both the last of the one time visit cities.