Cityblog: Phoenix

Phoenix would be a strange little journey of curiosity.
I was traveling to Phoenix to visit my friend Sarah and rather spend the money on a plane, I decided to drive.
I had done a part of this drive before on my way from San Diego to Houston.  From a point of view, I have to say that this may be the most boring stretch of land in the country filled with desert and occasional shrubbery. The only out of the ordinary parts are the "always in the distance" Yuma mountains that determine when you get to Arizona and the Ocatillo Wells' sand dunes that may have some dune buggy racing.

While in Phoenix I saw Arizona State University with it's man made lake, college town, and its variety of sand-infused architecture. That's the plus side to ASU, as the people are horrible there.  After that, I saw the Hard Rock and sports' stadiums (believe it or not Phoenix has all four sports) which are heavily funded by the Banks in Phoenix as there are tons of banking branches there will be fly off for wild time business trips.  There were also random guys who said a hip-hop CD was free, but then they begged for money - lies.  Also of note is the commercialism (dumping ground for American culture) and the wide clean streets.

The coolest part about Phoenix was definitely the mountain ranges.  Camelback mountain at night with Christmas lights and Lookout Mountain with its spectacular views of the smog and other mountain ranges.  At dusk, the sights from the mountains cannot be beat.

Lastly, Sarah had a porn star friend with a birthday and we were treated to VIP at a Phoenix bar. This was all a surprise as it showed that somehow, Phoenix knew how to get down in downtown.  Furthermore, it was wild that I had bottle service at an unexpected Phoenix bar with a porn star - another bizarre time of meeting people's friends, but what are you going to do.

Overall, Phoenix was a decent time, but it's nothing to write home about. This is a short blog; however, I felt that I could write a little more about Phoenix than the one-hot minute cities.  Next-up: Ann-Arbor and Detroit, the Michigan excursion.