Cityblog: Nashville, The Home of Country with a little side of Future

Teaching is rough life for people, I don't know I guess I have more optimistic view these days on things than I used to. I also have begun thinking of what else I would honestly do with my life as I don't know how much administrator would be that great as there is scarcity in the charter field and in the DOE I know the red tape & bureaucracy would take years for that to happen.  As such, one of the only things that comes to mind is college professor -which requires a PHD of which I have not the money nor the time for scholarships at the moment -, a profession in which I need a larger age gap. The other thing would be someone who gets paid to travel as it was the only thing that I wrote down as more important than my students to me. With all that unless anyone has idea to go about being paid to travel, I'll remain optimistic about my teaching!

With that being said, my travels from 2012 would lead me to Nashville! While the larger story of this whole trip may be Bonnaroo, Manchester isn't much of a city, but Nashville is!  I found Nashville to be filled with kind people who loved country - the country music festival was happening - and had a very walkable city.  Apparently Vanderbilt was nearby, but I explored the city as I waited for my roommates to come from Arkansas. What I would see was the two stadiums (for the Predators and Titans), the country music museum, Ryman Auditorium, Hard Rock Cafe (filled with country this time), the RCA studio, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the capital and some of the honky tonk bars around the city.
                 I didn't make it to the Grand Ole Opry but I absolutely enjoyed walking up and down the light hills of the city until I made it to the Tennessee Public Library where I sat and read until I got hungry.  I would try to find some meat and three spot to try out their side dish specialties when I settled on Hooters. Nashville Hooters you need to step your game up with your ladies hum, but I did speak a little Japanese to a tour group who tripped out that anyone in Nashville knew Japanese. Afterwards, I grabbed some candy from a cool little spot.  Eventually my guys rolled up and I was on my way from the city that thrived in the South with a river in it.

Overall, I think Nashville is a fun place with good drinks, country, walkable city, and nice people. What I didn't like is that there would definitely be a lack of options for clubbing or drinking and the lack of diversity;the majority was white with a few blacks sprinkled here and there.  However, if you want a good time for a weekend and fairly reasonable people for living, I think Nashville will impress you.