NYC Barhop #5

Figured after that lengthy Roots post, we'd go to something tamer.  Also, I needed to document a bit of the pub crawl that we went on last weekend.
*Please check out the Roots post, I'd love to hear what people think and discuss it with others.

In the meantime, back to the bars of NYC!

Red Rooster: Central Harlem right across from Corner Social. Red Rooster is super classy, the drinks are great as is the food, though I think the portions could be bigger. Apparently, some nights the downstairs of Red Rooster becomes a nightclub, but I have yet to see that. I really like the bar decor, but again the price tag and style come with that.  On a weird side, there is far more diversity at this bar, due to middle to upper class Upper West Siders finding their way here to create gentrification. While I'm not sure about this bar as a nightclub yet (apparently this cover - why are hip-hop or jazz establishments more expensive than an Irish or Dive bar, I've never understood this), I'm sure that if you want to feel classy with drink and food it's a good date spot. So for some needs I can recommend it, others no.

Off the Rails: Upper East Side bar - 91st or so.  This bar has a cool theme with the train tracks and some metal walkways. Beyond that, it's a standard cheap drink dive bar. It's got some nice room though and does what you need it to. I will say I feel say I felt more comfortable here than most bars in the UES. So for grabbing drinks with friends I can highly recommend it, but not for sports, dates or big groups.

Tortilla Flats: West Village - I think. This place has some of the worst Mexican food I've eaten in my life, it also has terrible margaritas.  The decor is also awful and so stereotypically Mexican it's a shame (the stringy banners pissed me off).  The one plus is that they give a lot of chips for you to eat. The bar and dining areas are small and it just feels bad. I don't recommend this place for anything.

Four-Faced Liar: West Village. This an Irish bar, with not much in it except very crowded spaces.  It's one saving grace besides cheap drinks though is Big Buck in HD! So for Big Buck I can highly recommend this bar, but I can't recommend it for anything else.

Greenwich Treehouse: West Village. Hipster delight, 2nd story bar with big windows and weird random things that don't mix, PBRs.  The TV plays 80s films (Temple of Doom lol!!!!) and the music is awesome. Honestly though, this place is not that great for drinking (not the best selection) and you just won't feel right, so I can't recommend it.

Karaoke Boho(name?): Soho/Noho - Midtown? I wasn't sure of my bearings at this point, but hey Karaoke is fun. This place has something that believe it or not is not as frequent as you might think. There is a main karaoke and private selection karaoke.  Perhaps NYC has a lot of this, but in my travels most places have one or the other.  They have a variety of drinks and could definitely use some more music, but hey it's fun to sing with friends in a room or with everyone in the main room (people dance).  In the end, I actually highly recommend this place for karaoke due to its dual accommodations.

What's next? Most likely a city blog, though I'm not sure where yet, probably Phoenix.