Cityblog: Austin

Greetings again,
I will continue blogging about cities because I find it entertaining and in a sense informative to traveling.  I believe I have already recounted my San Antonio experiences, but I think Austin would also serve to work for a fun cityblog too. In regards to my other Texas cities, my Dallas experiences shouldn't go on the internet and my Houston experiences would require a book because I lived there.  As such, Austin deserves a blog as I've been there only three times with three very different experiences.

The first time I went to Austin, I had a crazy time with a good gang of guy friends from my first year of teaching in Houston. We blasted Chumbawumba and pre-gamed with a group of 8 and one of my roommates' friends', Thomas, house.  We then hit cabs to the crazy fratastic and varied bar experience of 6th street. A wide street about 4 blocks long filled with a variety of bars from Euro style with ice downstairs and fire upstairs, Coyote Ugly (we got fleeced), classic English pubs, library bars, Toulouse with the AMF jars and the homies, and a couple other fun bars and cheap pizza.  It is definitely a college-town haven.  As such, when we hit Coyote Ugly they had a bartender for each my friend and I's ethnicities. The asian bartender kept taking Selby's money for getting our roommate body shots - that was a mess - then the black bartender kept taunting me to buy more and so I did and lost my debit card. Beyond that, another of our friend's get hit the face, someone puked, a first time with a black girl make out session for another, Thomas was lost for an hour, and another got rejected. The next day we headed out after being owned by the Austin wasteland. Random note I had to stay on my other roommate's friend's inflatable bed which had just enough air to be above the floor which was beyond annoying.

The second trip to Austin was for Austin City Limits. This would be the first time I would go to a multi-day music festival (story of my time in the South).  I went with my homies Chris, Logan and Jesse while I stayed at my high school friend, Ian's, place.  I saw a lot of great music with the highlights being Iron & Wine, Charles Bradley, Gary Clark Jr., Chromeo, Nas and Ziggy Marley, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, and much more. This would be right after some bad fires near Austin which shaped the city in a crazy way. I would also get up to a little crazy times while I was there too, but overall this was a music extravaganza filled with good friends and a visit with a couple of homies from college - Susman.

The third trip to Austin would be with most of the crew from the first time but with a bunch of our girlfriends at the time. This time we would have a wild excursion in 6th street again filled with AMF jars, dancing, hotel times, and M.I.A. music videos.  The highlight though was the following day as we rode down the big river in New Braunfels on inner tubes which was hilarious.  We lost all kinds of stuff on this crazy water chute and it took us forever to get onto the tubes because of all the slippery algae.  We had so much fun just being ridiculous and then had some great food after that.

Thus, all in all Austin is a college-town (saw the college once, at a distance) filled with the grand 6th street, live music, and rivers. I can highly recommend Austin for just about everything except diversity (there is some latino/a diversity and possibly Indian diaspora) and whenever you're ready to grow up and start a family you can.  To be honest I'd live there if it wasn't in Texas and had more color.

Next up - New Orleans and the Mardi Gras experience.