Cityblog: Chicago

A staycation is very strange to me since I'm such a jet setter, but it's relaxing.  However, nobody is around and on a Saturday where I have no work to do I don't have much better things to do than workout, practice/research Portuguese, post racially heated articles, read David Copperfield on occasion, and write in the blog.  I've made some plans for the week, but tonight is stay in on staycation night so I will write about Chicago.

I debated a good while about writing about Chicago because I had been to the airport so many times that I felt that it shouldn't be included in cityblog. However, I realized that I had only actually been out of the airport twice and once was for a quick drive down Lakeshore and back for a job I got rejected for(though my Derrick Rose/Bulls intro to Guided Practice was fun).  To put a little length on that experience, I found that the wonderful black female principal, her staff and the gorgeous design of the school were amazing for not just a charter, but really any school. My exit ticket was terrible, thus preventing from ever living with the Midwest experience with a largely black, very little latino population of socially aware students.

             Anyways, what this blog is about is the conclusion of the Boston, Philly, Chicago trip with my parents in the summer of 2009. We would arrive in Chicago during the day and soon find our cool little condo before we set out for some food.  We would start the fine cuisine of Chicago with the thin crust style pizza, which later move on to Cheesecake, hot dogs, deep dish pizza and basically the best American food in the country.  While it may be just my opinion, but I personally think that Chicago has the best purely American cuisine best American Pizza, hot dogs and burgers.
                  Beyond the food, I would try contact some people in Chicago to no avail while we would all see the sights of the city while riding the overhead L.  I enjoyed the L as it worked effectively through the predominately grid-like city of Chicago…until you get to the suburbs…and it was much more satisfying rolling around downtown above ground rather than below like NYC (Chicago has you beat there NYC) especially around the LOOP.  The highlights would be Wrigley Field, John Hancock building at night, Sears/Willis Tower in the skyboxes at day, Navy Pier, Frank Lloyd Wright's octagonal house, the Bean!, Millennium Park and its mouth fountains, the Chicago Art Museum and the skyline. We would also have a chance to go see the University of Chicago near the White Sox Cellular Field.  The university is also located next to the luxurious Hyde Park and a place with a nearby crack house as the stop in South Side Chicago is telling (sadly this is my only experience with the history of South Side Chicago and I wish I could have seen more).
                A few other strange occurrences were watching people so irascible on a bus after a Cubs game that the driver had to stop the bus.  I'm assuming this was an experience to help build my dislike for buses.  Along with that, my family had an interesting one in trying to find the Hard Rock Cafe when we passed by a bougie club. The line into the club was filled with black women and while my cousin and I having the same complexion were not judged, my parents on the other hand, were.  Once again, while I think my mom is lacking on a variety of traits, I have to admit that she is a strong women not just for her brilliance with money and running house, but also because she is a Portuguese woman dating a black man with all of the added admonishment that comes with it. As such, it would be one of the first times I would see in action what my parents had to deal with when they dated as the entire line started going: "o no he didn't" "what's wrong with us ladies?""Went for a white girl ay." I digress, but it was a profound moment that sticks with me in that many non-minorities got a lot and still get a lot of berating for being with minorities spouses.

Overall, I had such a fantastic time in the city that it was one of the top three cities I wanted to live in after TFA Houston (NYC and Atlanta being the other). And while I didn't get the chance to live there, I wouldn't mind visiting again as it is always fun except when it's cold….which is the large reason NYC works a little bit more for me.

Not sure what's coming up next, but perhaps I'll think of an idea before long as I've got plenty of time to think.