Cityblog: Cincinnati

As I relax before getting back into work mode, I feel I should give people a simple cityblog on my time in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This was city I went to for a family reunion with my brother, dad, some cousins and some aunts.  We drove from Clinton, South Carolina - my dad's birthplace, which will require a much longer non-cityblog segment.  The drive was actually quite nice as it went through the Blue Ridge Mountains and we saw my Uncle Nelson along the way.

Within Cincinnati, not a whole lot happened due it being a particularly boring city. We saw some fountains, had some chili (it's decent), saw the remnants of planned public transportation, a bunch of Reds hats, a fountain, the Ohio River, and the stadiums for the Bengals and Reds.  What's more important about this trip is the reunion experience, more than the city.

In regards to the reunion, I would ride on a steamboat river cruise, see Harriet Beecher Stowe's house (Uncle Tom's Cabin) in the middle of the hood, see a full-on Southern Baptist church and BBQ for the first time - which would include people shouting, dancing, singing and knocking about -, miss out on a fun theme park to just drive around, and the most mind-blowing experience - a slave museum.  While the boat ride, Stowe's house contrasted to the hood, and a Baptist church were all eye-opening, the slave museum was another experience all together.  First of all, let me just say that I highly recommend this museum because if you remember Cincinnati was basically where slaves came after running away from the South; if you made it across the river then you were free.  As such, there are artifacts from the slave times: original KKK robes of the founding Tennessee group, segregation school pieces (benches and long pieces of wood for desks), and most powerfully slave pens & slave prices.  Our tour guide got emotional in the slave pen from describing the horrors of the pen and how people lived with the chains. Along with this, the slave prices were seared an image into my memory.  To think that my able-bodied self along with my young cousin - considered a female breeder - would fetch a price nearly a $1,000 while my dad due to his age would be about $65 was absurd.  Thus, enabling me to plainly see how inhumane people tried to quantify life which would stay in my head for the rest of my life.

Outside of that and annoying relatives, not a whole lot happened and I can't recommend Cincinnati for anything besides the slave museum due to the powerful artifacts it contains from that time period.

Next Up: Barhop or a NYC Rant, this past week was winter break so I had plenty of time to check out new venues that I can absolutely recommend for people to see.