Cityblog: Detroit and Ann Arbor

With the blocks of ice settling in NYC, I feel it is only appropriate to mention a city that is even colder than NYC.

This will be my last cityblog for awhile as the other cities are either ones I've lived in - LA, Houston, Atlanta, San Diego (which I could have my own separate blog for) or cities that I've visited so many times that I can't qualify it as a trip anymore - San Francisco, Denver, Austin (though a cityblog may happen for this) and Dallas (which really shouldn't get one as I never went there to be a tourist).

Anyways, I would be headed to Michigan to visit my good college friend, Andreas, as he was in law school at the time at the University of Michigan and I wanted to check out a college town and the indomitable city of Detroit.

At the University of Michigan (I got in, Tom Brady is from there and my grandma went there), I got to see the brilliant architectural designs of the law quad, the business school and many other well laid out designs.  I would also get a chance to see the football stadium, the basketball gym - home of the Fab 4!, and a hockey game…which was a first for a college experience - HAIL!

Going around Ann Arbor, I got a chance to check out some of the local beer places, a trendy Cuban sandwich place, Zingermann's awesome food!, the local suburbs, movie theaters, student store, and of course Rick's which was absurd - met some awesome gangster lesbians there.

On a nice day in Michigan, we then rolled to the D! (Detroit). It was 60 degrees and a Saturday and we saw a grand total of 20 people, 7 of them homeless.  As you go into the city you're faced with Urban Decay and run down areas (it's hard for grocery stores to stay since they get robbed so frequently), and amazing buildings with ruined inside.  However, there are some great things to see like Greektown, all of the stadiums, Fox Theatre, the Henry Ford/Diego Rivera murals, the amazing amount of sculptures near Hahn Plaza, the view of Windsor, Wayne State University, Slow's BBQ (all BBQ types wonderfully and deliciously represented here) and a hearty set of people.  The thing about Detroit is that it shows what happened to the American industry and by a larger extent America itself.  However, it also shows a people with an indomitable spirit to still be hip, cool, strong and hustle hard for that paycheck.  Don't hate on the D unless you've been there. Not only are there great people from there (my grandparents and some friends), but there are actually some good times to be had there as well.

What's next? I'm not sure really, maybe I'll write about NYC? a barhop who knows we shall see.