Cityblog: Philadelphia

As I sit here on the start of my first break in years where I'm not traveling, I felt that I should a quick little blog on Philadelphia.  Along with that, what else am I going to do alone on a day like Valentine's Day (FYI I'm tired of being single, but my efforts have changed to being much more passive, but eh it's the flaw of the city).

Anyways, on to the city of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia was part of our Boston, Philly, Chicago trip (Guess I'll do Chicago next ay?).  We weren't in Philly for too long, but we did enjoy what we did see in the city - little bit of South Philly (only drove by Pat's & Geno's), the Philadelphia Museum with the Rocky Steps, the cleaned-up Center City, the Liberty Bell, one of the US Treasuries to grab some shredded money, Independence Hall with the fathers of the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin's information videos and the outline of his house.  We didn't use the SARTA (metro to travel) at all, but we enjoy driving around for a bit and went to Honey's for some Philly cheesesteaks.
Random note: Apparently Philly has amazing graffiti, so much so that there is a tour bus just for it. I only saw one mural, but apparently it's great.

The second part of my trip would include visiting a WaWa, but more importantly hanging out with Hailey Hu, Tricia and their crew at UPenn. I figured why not, since I was around and Boima, my Philly-born friend, wasn't around.  I didn't see much of UPenn but it's basically Ivy League in the hood.  However, I did get to see some of the nearby college and go to my first trivia where I enjoyed some drinks (Long Beach Teas 1st time with those too) and watched Tricia dance like a buffoon.  It was a cool little break that made Philly all the more special.

Lastly, while I probably wouldn't ever live in Philly as I think DC and NYC are much more interesting, I would certainly visit again for a bit of quick fun.
Stay warm NYC and enjoy yourself all the rest of you on this solo Valentine's Day.

Next Up - Chicago!!!!! Or maybe some Barhop.