Let's Get Political

As I said before, I would be putting a post that is a bit more political on here. Therefore, I will discuss some thoughts I have; however, I'm going to be brief rather than a tirade.

I am first and foremost a firm believer in equal rights, whether that be with civil rights, media outlets, services and general treatment/well being of minorities, genders, sexualities, and disabilities.  I have the belief that no one in this country should be treated unfairly. However, I will say there are some (racial, gender and sexuality) that I push more than others to near protest levels against our current systems.

I am a strong believer in charter schools. I have seen public, private, catholic, and charters in action.  As such, while I feel that more could be done to prevent teacher burnout, I think that charters provide some great avenues for students and much more affordable costs than private schools. I'm all for veteran teachers, except when they don't contribute. My first year I had one veteran that never left her chair and just yelled and another who had the command and respect of her class.

I am decent supporter of environmentalism. This support has waned since leaving California primarily due to being in the South, where sustainability is not easy to attain and NYC in which most of the city is covered in concrete. However, I'm still big on animal rights, recycling, saving energy and trying to help flora.

I love adult education. Whether that be from graduate school or from specialized classes, I think adults should continue to learn through literature, media, languages, and discourse.

I'm quite mixed when it comes to business. That odd aspect of need for corporate products and rates versus support of smaller stores at higher prices.  I don't like how much power corporations have in our country, but I understand why they exist.  Overall, I would like to see more jobs for Americans appear to help make products in America.

I'm not a big fan of the military. Though my dad is Air Force, he only promotes the manners, discipline and respect that he gained from it rather than all the other sides to it.  As such, I've always thought too much goes into military spending at the cost of many other resources within our government. If every American left the country for a trip and came back we wouldn't be so paranoid anymore.

I think it also goes without saying that I am not a fan of our justice system. Prisons are slavery used for corporations to profit. There's no ways around that. I could go more racial, but I will say that there is a constant effort to restrain people through sentencing, police and prisons.  This would certainly change if courses in school reflected on how one can pay their taxes or prepare for an interview instead of caring about what a parabola is.

Like I said, I would be brief and not go on a tirade.  I just wanted to share some general thoughts on how I feel about certain ideals in our country.  Feel free to let me know what you think and stay tuned for my analysis of my favorite hip-hop artists of all time!