NYC Rant: Credit Card Minimums

Hey everyone,
Times have been busy at work here so I haven't had much time for writing or sadly aprender Portugues *tears*
I figured I hit you with a quick little rant about credit card minimums.
              First of all, I do know that nearly everywhere in the country has credit card minimums but in NYC it's everywhere! There are several bars and food places that on the off hand that they take cards instead of cash (see my earlier rants) that you have to use a minimum even if you got say one drink or one slice.
           This is understandable in that smaller establishments need to cover the costs of having credit card or visa service.  This is usually because they are cheaper places and therefore do not see the high amount of card traffic that big name places or corporate chains see.  However, the minimums are often out of proportion in my opinion, for example I buy a drink for $6 and the minimum is $20? Why not be $10? Or in another scenario I bought a slice for $1.50 and the minimum is $8, why not be $5?
Considering that I'm teaching proportions at the moment these ratios are not only not equivalent they represent an unequal distribution of costs.  Once again, companies just need to suck it up and deal with the credit card costs because those of us from abroad or other states don't carry cash with us often. As a matter of fact, those of us from here don't carry much cash either.

Do away with minimums and let me use my card in peace.

Up next? I have no clue I'm quite busy at the moment, but know that soon I will be traveling to Amsterdam and Turkey so you should expect a travelblog post soon!