Travelblog: Excursions in Istanbul Part 2

Hooray everyone for round 2 of Istanbul.
This will most likely be a lot shorter than before, but I will highlight some of the rest of my time in Istanbul.
Before I headed out to Cappadocia, I would see the Topkapu Palace in which there are hundreds of pictures of my Facebook.  At the same time, I've never spent so much time at a museum as Topkapu Palace. The whole trip takes about 4 hours to see almost everything as some sites were closed.  Still, there is so much to occupy your time with the Harem, the palace gates, the whole back marble terrace/kiosk area (gazebo and circumcision room as well), the gardens, the treasuries, the cloth treasury, treasures of Mohammed, and the open-air terrace.  During this time, I met a myriad of people from all the world and spoke a piece of every language I knew from saying thank you to a Korean family (who took pictures with me), a guy thinking I was Arabic, and Californians! There is a lot of history throughout the palace as some parts are older than others and some parts were destroyed and rebuilt.  It is one of the highlights of Istanbul, but it's not everyone's favorite due to the crowds and how huge it is.

When I returned from Cappadocia, I would arrive in a different hostel meeting some New Zealanders to rage with on the last day; however, I hung out with my old hostel guests all over again anyways.  I didn't do much on these last few days besides walk around town, smoke some hookah (classic Turk), visit the Kariye Musezi - Chora Museum known for its huge Byzantine frescoes and mosaics - and rode a bus.  While the Kariye is some of the best of Byzantine artwork the same can't be said for the Galeta Tower.  In the tower, there are some glorious views of Istanbul, but the price, the wait, and the weird lines at the top floor are only something you should do if you have the extra time as it was super crowded.  Before leaving, I would also do some continent hopping on a cheap ferry where these two little girls hustled just as a hard for money as they guys near the mosques.  Lastly, I would end the trip by staying up all night with some hostel friends until the shuttle came.

In the end, I highly recommend Turkey as a country. The reason for this, is that there is so much to do and it is a progressive Islamic country in which women are free to do as they like and the sounds of prayer 5 times a day create a different sense of wonder during your travels (that prayer threw off my sleep before I got used to it). Furthermore, Istanbul is definitely in my top 5 cities and may currently be in the top spot as you really have to experience Istanbul in order to understand why people love it.

I have no clue what's next, but some of it may be rants or how the  school year will end in NYC.