World Cup Feelings

As I write in a quaint hotel, in the quaint town of Sevilla, Espana, I reflect on how the World Cup has shown my pride and also my biases. First of all, I wish to apologize to all my Germans friends and their descendants as I am making similar remarks to 8 years ago when they beat the Portuguese for 3rd place (haven´t I matured?). I have hated on them for being Portugal and Brazil badly. It is heart felt as I am half Portuguese and half African-American (explaining my similarity to Brasilieros).  However, this is a game and I should be respecting and critiquing based on merit as I do with my students instead of racial biases.  I also want to apologize to my Americans, who I usually cheer for unless theyŕe going against the Portuguese or Brazilians. Along with my respect for Ghana (my favorite African team), obviously Group G was a horrible Group for me.  As such, I apologize and hope for a great match from Argentina and Germany.

Overall, many of these feelings also come from feeling attachment to a country which I know many of my African-American brothers and sisters cannot really do. Another root for these emotions is that I feel like Iḿ fighting to represent my students against Big Brother or some other symbol of government.  Thus, there is too much passion in the negative for me to watch the World Cup respectfully.  Still, I love Association football and furthermore love the World Cup. 

What I´ve learned from this:

1. Leave personal biases outside of this sport, though Germans will be forever my personal football rivals.

2. Social media has encouraged football viewership.  I myself will be watching more association games, as visiting the Real Madrid Estadio even gave me a team to really get behind.  I may even watch a MLS game here in the US.

3. I need to leave any relation of students to sporting events out of the competition.

4. I have much more passion about my heritage than nearly any other feeling; however, that passion needs to be tempered. Ainda, Vai Portugal!!!!

5. I have a plethora of great friends who are not only understanding of my commentary, rage, insults, and crude use of languages, but they also love football!

Muito obrigado,
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