Travelblog:Portugal, o pais e meu

For my recent travelblog/trip I would expound upon the gloriousness of Portugal.  With 360 miles of coast it is one of the most gorgeous countries I have ever seen.  While I have some bias with this country because I'm half Portuguese, I still think it is a splendid place to visit.

Anyways, here is the story on Portugal:
My family and I went back and forth through the Lisboa airport I don't even know how many times.  After finally landing in Porto, we would get to see the wonders of Portugal.  Porto was a hilly city with old European buildings with renovations inside, a beautiful bookstore, the glorious Ribiera (riverside walk), the intriguing Stock Exchange, and a huge metro.  Before we really got started though we would go on a wine tour through the Douro Valley; having Port wine, fresh fruit, fine views, azulejos, covenants, and glorious food.  Overall, it was charming city to simply enjoy its culture as Portugal's second city.

We would grab a car with stick-shift driving again (more hilariousness) and hightail it out to Nazare.  Nazare was where my mom spent her summers with her cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Now it's odd that she would spend time at a beach resort town if she came from an island, but hey everyone is more fond of the beach than me.  In Nazare, we would enjoy some glorious seafood, percebes (barnacles!), funiculars, some nightlife, hill driving with a stick shift, kind cousins, and simple beach life.  The main highlight though was seeing my mom bust out the Portuguese again with her aunt and cousin as if she hadn't forgotten. It was amazing and she kept on saying Spanish words - she never learned Spanish - we she wasn't sure. It was so much fun to do that and my dad was so out of the loop.  After rejoicing, we would visit Alcobaca (home of the greatest drink ever, gingja!!!!!!) and Batalha for their castles.

Eventually we would arrive in Lisboa. Lisboa would consist of a ton of walking in seeing the Barrio Alto (hipster heights basically), the Alfama (a culturally compact, working class area), and the Baixa (which is the lower area of Lisboa, which is too close to the water - 1755 there was a crazy earthquake, tsunami and fire that destroyed a good deal of the city).  We would also have a chance to enjoy fado, the traditional soul/blues music of Portugal and I would go out into the nightlife on pink street to see some burlesque at the A Senhora Velha (the old lady).  I would also head to Estadio la Luz for Benfica stadium to see the glorious Eusebio statute (the greatest Portuguese footballer ever).  We would end the whole journey with a trip to Belem, featuring the the amazing Monasterio de Jeronimos & Age of Exploration monument. As such, Lisboa was a blast and we had a lot of fun.
Lastly,  we would visit Sintra, also hit by the earthquake of 1755.  Sintra featured a rebuilt Castelo do Mouro (Moorish Castle), O Palacio Nacional, and the lofty Pena Palace - the Versailles of Portugal.  Before leaving the country we saw my crazy cousin Zeke and my normal cousin Ze who took forever to get to the airport lol.

To summarize, Portugal is a glorious country that I think everyone would enjoy regardless of their heritage.  While Spain is tons of fun, Portugal is far more beautiful.  Furthermore, the Iberian Peninsula is one of the best places to travel in the whole world.

Next up will most likely be a discussion on my new school!