NYC Rant: Bureaucracy

Greetings friends,

I know I don't blog as much as I used to and strangely I have more freedom than usual too.  I also have more time to call my family but I still am trying to do that.  I have my moments of just strange solitude that occur.  However, this is not what this post is about.

Instead, this post a little (or long) rant about the amount of bureaucracy in NYC. It's not easy to live here and it becomes even harder with issues outside of cost.  The amount of red tape required to navigate hospitals, pick up your check, deal with cars - parking, retaking Master's courses to fill NYC pockets, insurance, tickets, and financial aid services for college is obscene.  Thus, you can never go to just one place to handle your affairs. You always have to do more or pay someone else for more.  This becomes time consuming and costly.  While you'd enjoy paying rent online and finding ways to adjust it, but some landlords are archaic and your bills keep having strange logins.  This city is hard to live in for even more reasons than pace and cost.  It's hard to live in because it is ridiculous in its bureaucratic navigation of jumping through hopes to find peace in the city that everyone wants to be in.