The New York New School

Figured I would take some time to blog about the new school that I know many of you have only heard bits and pieces about.

Let me tell you, I am extremely happy with my new work place. Part of this is due to me being now 5 years in at teaching and another part of this is having a school filled with support. Thus,  the new school provides a whole lot of support in the form of mandated tutoring for all students. For the higher students this is an opportunity to expand their thinking into phenomenal theories, for the lower students this is a chance for major reinforcement in skills that may not be on grade level, but still necessary for them to succeed.  Furthermore, I have reinforcement in my classroom as two of my cohorts have co-teachers.  While this is the first time I have experienced this, they are also my TAs and I'm learning how to manage adults. Meanwhile, my management of students has only gotten better even though honestly our students' behavior ranges from respectful to egregious disrespect (as per every school).

As such, this segues into my next wonderful aspect of the new school: the administration. Our vice principal is a champion who works wonders and commands respect wherever she goes. We have another principal in training who is just as respected as our vice principal. Also, our principal is an all-around good leader with both strictness and fairness whom I'm able to work with. All of this to say, I am gaining a lot of experience through working with them and feeling more and more confident in leadership skills as I was even given the opportunity to lead a PD!

Lastly, the teachers here are awesome, we've got a couple of experienced ladies one from my old network and one is a special education extraordinaire who are strong representatives of fortitudinous. We've also got some 2nd to 3rd year teachers who are not only filled with hope and promise, but also have amazing routines that I have utilized in my classroom as well.

This fit is a much better one than my last school.  At this point, there's nothing I really need to say about my last school besides the fact that I miss my staff and students.  Beyond that, all of my respect and love is for my new school in which I hope all of us can grow and become better.