Ferguson Thoughts

I figured I would put some thoughts in a blog before I began the day.
My Facebook post summed a lot of my thoughts, but honestly where do we begin here?  I think more than anything the education of our youth should push towards to better justice systems and governments. Thus, I will be furthering my students' education in government and how to be outspoken politicians who can make a difference.  Though that was not my original intent, this feels like the right move as just teaching them to be great citizens will not be enough.  Hopefully, we can make these changes in our government, society, schools and more.  This movement will require everyone's assistance from the grocer to the governor.  As such, I ask my friends and family to find ways to support and move forward in a positive manner.

With that being said, if you are not supportive of the changes in this society then I can no longer tolerate our friendship, relationship, companionship or association.  I chose education to make a change in the long run and the short run. If you are not down for the cause I am not down with you.

Go with peace, people of color and know that we will continue to fight for our right to survive in this nation and in this world.

I may add more to this later, but I don't exactly have the ability to express all my emotions, thoughts and feelings on this topic