Christmas Break Cleansing

Happy Holidays everyone!
I'm sure some of you have been wondering about my statuses and this book I'm reading...Let's just say I'm single and we'll leave it at that.  On a different note, the book He's Scared, She's Scared: The Hidden Fears that Sabotage Relationships.  While reading this book I analyzed my entire life and past relationships in thorough detail even writing all of the information down while listening to some Emeli Sande. It was cathartic as I discovered new emotions, realized I had anxiety, wanted a tattoo, found out thoughts from my past that I never even knew about it. Furthermore, I found that I sabotaged every relationship I had due to my anxiety that lead me to impulses, distancing, faultfinding and a whole lot worse in all of my relationships.  I really needed to sit with this book sooner, but then again I also didn't know if I would've had the maturity and solitude to really sit through and analyze my life.

As such, the book led to positive moments whether that was thinking before I spoke (it's miraculous) or giving gifts to the people that matter the most besides myself.  I was also able to ask my parents, grandparents and relatives about their ups and downs about relationships and loving imperfections through compromise, a trait which I am working on.  The relationship knowledge also drove me to be more respectful and appreciative of my family which I never really was before that (it was wonderful to reconnect with my brother and start a connection with my niece!).  The other relationships I developed last week was connecting to the friends who matter the most and developing those bonds as they and I reached out to each other.  I learned a lot of relationships advice from them too and was genuinely to spend quality time with them.

In the end, I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to have a Christmas without revelations and ramifications. However, I am thankful for what I've learned and my daily reminders to hopefully help me become a much better person for myself, family, friends and whoever I happen to meet.  With that being said feel free to ask anything about this transformation that I hope to continue and stay committed through the next stages of my life.