Santacon v. Millions March

Greetings everyone,
I wanted to simply put out a brief but meaningful post about last Saturday and the contrast that exists in NYC.
Usually, Santacon is a bacchanalia that takes place around the streets of Midtown Manhattan and showcases the most decrepit of NYC society as they imbibe themselves in bar to bar as they pass out, micturate, upchuck, and perform occasional lewd acts around the streets.  As such, many New Yorkers hate it and avoid those who haven't gotten the frat boy lifestyle out of their system.

However, this past Saturday was different in that there was a huge Civil Rights protest against police brutality taking place with about 30,000 people marching through the streets of NYC. Therefore, some Santas clashed with, joined or stared a much more impressive and just cause than their romp around Midtown. Furthermore, the march itself was well organized with march marshals, tons of signs and symbols, and thousands of supporters creating a wave of change.  When I left the march I held a Black Lives Matter sign which made some black Santas rethink their lives and at least one white one tell me "My hands are up and I can breathe, look!" - racist dunce. Overall, the march was powerful and I hope that we can continue to invoke widespread movements for change instead of nonsensical support for Santacon debauchery.

Be the Change NYC.