Ode to A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ)

Last year, I did post on the best MCs and rap groups, but only gave ATCQ a Honorable Mention. This gesture was misguided as ATCQ and their frontman Q-Tip deserved to be in my Top 5 (great movie!) which I think I did list them in years ago.
Beyond seeing them live around this time last year, I also had my students listen to them (they enjoyed them immensely), and that BRA post made me realize I didn't give the credence to ATCQ that I luxuriated in during my college years.  With a shout out to Phife's lyricism and delivery along with Shaheed's chill mixes and beats & the occasional Jarobi is a lot of fun for several reasons. However, their frontman Q-Tip can not only write rhymes, but beats too and was doing it long before Kanye could pull it off effortlessly. As such, the four remain to be scene as some of the best artists in music, certainly hip-hop ever.  Furthermore, the lyricism and smooth delivery of every song in the Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders is the easiest listening you can do to any activity ever -I dare you to not savor the beats, rhymes, and life of ATCQ during schoolwork, reading, working out, driving, running.

Thus, while this is a short post, I really had to shout out my true favorite rap group and their leading member of skills Q-Tip. Lastly, while I'm not sure they will ever perform live again, I'd be lying if their performance wasn't up there with Outkast and Kanye in greatest hip-hop show ever.