Houston Past Reflection and Other Thoughts

Hey everyone,
I'm beginning this post today in reflection of a couple of thoughts that I had about Houston. A recent colleague of mine brought up the wonders of Houston.  As such, let me say that this is not a Houston hate blog post, but more of a reflection of what brought up the indignation.  As we talked about Houston, I realized that it wasn't the city that had me flabbergasted, but the women. Not the two women I dated there, but all the other times in between that were outright confusing.  I realized that I was using the anger in my frustration with Houston women to blame the whole city.  Houston itself does have some interesting aspects that make living there fairly relaxed.  Furthermore, it's got some quirky aspects that work for it: beer can house, orange show, 3rd ward row houses, art car festival, and the like. However, the women there are confusion and I still can't quite put my finger on it. While there are some women who I know live there now even though I still foresee them living elsewhere, the native Houstonian women were hard to figure out. Did they want a country man of charm? Did they want a rich urbanite? Did they want an earnest hard-working man? I could never figure it out. Simple random thoughts for the day and not a hate on Houston, but a bewildering guess about its women.