Travelblog: Colonia, Urguay

Alright everyone, one more recent Latin America blog.
This is going to be a short post as I decided randomly that I would go to Colonia, Uruguay when I had an extra day in Buenos Aires since it's only a ferry ride away.

After having a hilarious cab driver (I think Buenos Aires cab drivers are some of the best), I made to the ferry and after grabbing a almafador, a cookie with dulce de leche (everything has dulce de leche in Buenos Aires and it is the best with medialunas/croissants), I was on my way while watching football - I think Argentinians love football more than Brazilians based on my experiences.

After arriving in Colonia, I exchanged my Argentian pesos for Urguyuan pesos and walked over to the old Portuguese founded colonial town. The overall look reminded me of Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo, but it was even more peaceful, had Portuguese houses, azulejos, little museums, artisan shops and had a nice lighthouse.  The rocky beach was also nearby, but I decided to chill out at a little street cafe with picadas - meat and cheese plates - and good beer -Uruguay's is Patricia.  While I was tempted to rent a motorcycle, I'm glad I didn't because I didn't realize the hour change and had to rush  to the ferry to get back to Buenos Aires.

Overall, it was a peaceful day excursion to a small colonial town in Uruguay to not only rack up another country, but to see a quaint Portuguese turned Spanish colonial town. Note: You don't need your Argentina visa paper to get back to Buenos Aires from Colonia, I had an anxiety moment at first, but then everything worked out.