Top 10 Sports Teams (From all sports)

Greetings, as I work through some new mindsets which would be ripe for a blogger (but a more private blogger to be honest), I've been watching a great deal of sports documentaries.  As such, I got to feeling like not only writing, but specifically writing about my favorite sports teams and why. This isn't about the '88 Lakers, but more about the Lakers themselves. I'm going to try hit several sports and not be particular about order.

Anyways, here's my sports teams and who I generally support/follow.

1. San Diego Chargers 
Talk about being the perpetual underdogs. For my entire life, the Chargers have been my number one as I'm born and raised in San Diego. had three very different decades so far. During the 90s, we made it to the Super Bowl (Thanks Stan Humphries and Natrone Means!), the 2000s were gods who shot themselves in the foot every year, and the 2010s have been really about figuring out where to go next in both the team's wins and even stadium. However, I had a By Any Means Necessary shirt when I was in elementary and I've been a fan ever since. It's strange to think that soon we may not have the Chargers in San Diego which will be difficult to adjust. However, every team in San Diego is an underdog, we're the biggest city with no championship, even though you can practice year round with most sports - ah well.
*A Ladanian Tomlinson jersey remains the only professional jersey I own.

2. The 49ers 
The team to beat the Chargers in their only Super Bowl remains a favorite due to my dad's love for Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott back in the late 80s/early 90s. As such, Jerry Rice would become my all time favorite players and is the only reason I even attempted to cheer for the Raiders in 2005. Furthermore, I have definite love for Joe Montana and his great stats as well. I was quite hyped in their early 2010s years when they made it to NFC championships and even one super bowl which they almost had. One day they will get their 6th, it's only a matter of time.

3. Los Angeles Lakers
When you go to a college in a large urban city that houses a basketball team that wins two championships during your tenure there, you eventually become a fan.  As a supporter for most teams LA, (minus Raiders) - due to the city's ability to cover sports San Diego doesn't have (Basketball and Hockey) - I have a ton of love the Lakers. I got onto the Lakers during the second round of Kobe Championships and the rebooted Lakers v. Celtics rivalry. Everyone in my college and the city were huge Lakers fans and I loved it. My research on Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jerry West only solidified my love for them. I enjoyed them during a great run of championships with a great player.
*This team is the only championship parade I have ever seen in any city - 2009

4. San Diego Padres
I have nothing but respect and love for this team. Whether it is Tony Gwynn's longevity or Trevor Hoffman's closing skills, the 1998 run -which I listened to half on radio and actually watched with my family-, the Padres are major underdogs who keep trudging along. While the Yankees swept us, I still have faith that one day we will return to the World Series. If I can go for just about anyone in baseball it has to be them.

5. USC Trojans Football
A part of me doesn't even want to talk about this one because it is a known fact.  Though I started paying attention at USC's championship run against Oklahoma, I would watch an unfortunate loss against the University of Texas at Austin that prevented us from pulling off the Three-Pete. You can say what you about NCAA sanctions, Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush and all that, but when you're at USC we can do no wrong. Of course now I realize there are tons of issues with USC, but no matter what I will love USC football especially because during my years at college we almost went to the national championship and had some solid records as well. So many players, so many championships, a great stadium, a great fan base and many memories can be attributed to my #1 college team.

6. Los Angeles Kings
For all items Kings related I have to thank Spencer for. I had some love for the Kings in college thanks to a floormate of mine. However, it was small and we weren't that great so I merely had a little bit of love for them, but not tons. Then came a regular season game I watched with Spencer and Amber that would eventually be the Kings' championship season from coming back from an 8th seed ranking. I absolutely enjoyed cheering them on and paid more attention to the NHL than I ever had. This love would be fully supported again with a playoff season the following year and yet another championship the year after.  As such, I'm firmly solidified with my hockey team.

7. FC Barcelona
Choosing my favorite soccer team was hard. I have some respect for the Houston Dynamo because of how great they are in the MLS, but unfortunately I never got to see them play though I really wanted to. However, I had to go international to choose the team that had some of my favorite stars in the game ever. Luis Figo, Messi, Ronaldo, Deco, Neymar Jr., Ronaldinho, Kluvert, Rivaldo, Eto, Xavi, Iniesta, Guardiola and more, would overall have such a team camaraderie I couldn't deny. This coupled with the city and the fans love for FC Barca, I was won over even though a later entry was my originally my first love, I just respected the overall love for FC Barcelona a little more. Plus, they represented the people more than their Castillan cousins.

8. Atlanta Braves/Chicago Bulls
Forever the two cities that I simply enjoy. One of them was always going to be my interim from Houston to NYC. Atlanta won out, but I enjoy Chicago (I'm aching for a visit!) immensely as well and have nothing but love for these two teams. They are not only the two teams that I cheer for when my mainstays aren't as strong, but they are also the two cities I cheer for when my Southern California love isn't as strong. Also in the 90s, these two teams were hot and include my 2nd favorite players from both sports: Greg Maddux and Michael Jordan.

The controversial picks - These are the picks that people will probably complain to me about as not being a true fan, but one of them is very hard for me not to cheer and the other is purely riding from the city I live in.

9. Real Madrid
Yes I know this team is the absolute rivals of Barca, yes I know the cities are even rivals (Madrid v. Barcelona), and yes I know that trade for Figo was brutal. However, they have three reasons I can't help but get excited about them: Luis Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Zinedine Zidane.  When I first watched, I mean really watched, international soccer these three were the highlight of my 2006 World Cup viewing. Cristiano was not as disciplined a superstar as he was then. Figo was just as if not more of a star than the hotheaded Cristiano at the time and Zidane was an absolute delight to watch on the French team from start to his ugly headbutt finish in the Final. Having two superstars on the Portugal team led us to 4th place (which also began my hatred for German soccer teams). As such, I had to learn more about these superstars, hence Real Madrid. I don't really dig the team but I love these three players for rekindling my love of soccer(my true sport to be honest) and therefore I can't help but love the players regardless of the rivalry.

10. New York Teams
I live in New York now and have for nearly two years. Furthermore, I'm not leaving anytime soon. Thus, I am going to become a New York fan. I really enjoy and love NYC so therefore I will cheer for a great deal of their teams. Some of them are easy to love like the Rangers and the Knicks since I have never liked a team that has any issue or rivalry with them. Some are random and I'm not sure what to do with the NYC FC or the New York Red Bulls? Some of them are hated and even have rivalries or issues with teams on this list like the Yankees and the Giants. However, I have selected my teams to cheer for and will support them like I support the students of this city.
New York Rangers - Islanders.....yeah I'm not LI
New York Giants - The NY Jets caused too much damage to Chargers in the 2000s for me to cheer for them, but they do have a 49er rivalry.....
NYC FC - the future is bright?
New York Knicks - old school respect over the new Nets kids on the block
New York Yankees - I have a Mets hat I never wear unless it matches with blue clothes, I honestly used to hate the Yankees, but now that I live here.....muahahahahahaha. I mean if I hate all of Boston's other teams, I should join in the hate for all of them and its city.

Eventually I'll discuss Olympics and the Portugal Soccer Team, but that's for later.