The past 6 months of working on myself

Hey everyone,
I know I haven't blogged in awhile, but I also haven't been inspired in awhile. Of course, the big position I'll have next year was a fun reveal for everyone, but more importantly I've made a lot of recent changes in my life.
Whether it's reading self-help books, realizing an addiction I didn't know I have, or trying to navigate dating again.  As such, life is improving in a lot of ways with friends, work, monetary budgeting, health (thanks Ricky!), and enjoying exploring life by myself.

Of course, I still have a billion and one complications with women in this city (fact it's very hard to date in this city, arguably harder than any other city; whereas Houston was confusing, NYC is flat out hard). And I know everyone gets tired of hearing that and I'm still going to see the world with or without anybody. However, I'm beyond tired, yes I'm at a level of exhaustion that I can't define when it comes to being alone ever since I made leaps of progress in my own reflection after my recent ex. As such, I know far better now how to treat a lady and would like to prove that.

Anyways, all of you who lend an ear, I thank you. I'm excited for next year and I hope to see you around NYC. In terms of travel: Southeast Asia end of the year trip is still happening if you want to join, but now I think I might squeeze in a little Colombia trip in July.