In Praise of South Park Part 1

Hooray for 101 posts! Now I know I didn't announce post 100, but that's because the post was going for a nuanced discussion that didn't allow for trivial matters. However, as I have watched the movie and who knows how many episodes of South Park these past two weeks, I feel that I have to give some praise to a show I've always slightly watched, but have always held in high regard.  While I was not sure how to this review, I felt that some combination of discussing the continuity of Season 18, single episodes, the movie and overall cultural impact seemed like the best bet.
                     I was also reluctant to start this post, as my reflections from some books I've been reading make me think that when I comment on a post I'm projecting my ideas onto people who don't want to hear them. Thus, I have been trying to be more empathic in how I speak (text, phone call, im, and in person), which allows me to have actual thought before I speak, along with apologies, more pauses, and more concern for who I'm talking to. Please let me know how I'm doing for me to improve interdependent relations.

Anyways, onto to discussing South Park! I'm going to discuss my history with South Park and some of its impact then go through the seasons.

South Park was a show that came on when I was about 8 or 9 and interestingly enough kids my age would try to see it (yes the same age as the kids). I snuck a few watch es here and there growing up, forgot about it during the golden years (with the exception of a couple chance episodes with a high school buddy), and returned to watch some episodes in college and post college. Every time I saw an episode, I was pleased at how brilliant/hilarious it was enough to keep it in a part of brain. Thus spawned my recent binge, when I finally said hey let's watch everything because I'm grown!  
                        As I watched, I learned just how much pop culture South Park had both influenced and been influenced by. As such, you can literally watch 18 years of pop culture history & changes that are pretty spot on to what's going on in America (sometimes the world). All of the references I saw took me back to my friends and media that would utilize many South Park memes and I had no idea. Say what you will about the show, but its influence is more widespread than you realize. As such, I'll speak as to each season's most hilarious (South Park humor is highly subjective) and the most clever or culturally influential.

Lastly, I'm curious who else appreciates or likes this show. I know some will feel that this is a post that is not travel nor thought provoking, but I do like to discuss media outlets as well. As such, apologies if you find my humor crass.
Note: Stan is my favorite!

The next post will discuss these episodes in detail