Travelblog:Switzerland and Ireland the countries I half went to

Greetings from Morocco,
Yeah I know I should be exploring more, but I'm exhausted and Morocco is it's own story.

I wanted to discuss Switzerland and Ireland since I went to airports of both, ate food at both and touched the ground/spent time in the air at both. However, I didn't exactly stay for a time in either one.

Zurich, Switzerland: While the great stereotype of Swiss chocolate is true, there are some quirks about Zurich I find funny. There are watches and clocks galore here to the point of being humorous. The Swiss love their flag and have the plus on buses, passports and more. There are Swiss Army knife crop designs in their fields. The contrast of the Swiss alps to the factory smoke chimneys is oddly alluring. Overall, they are a kind and efficient people that work well in a country in which I could buy luxury goods from the airport.

Shannon, Ireland: Shannon was calmer than many other countries. Oddly enough, the Irish embraced their stereotypes full on. The passport clerk was a small old guy who joked about leprechauns, the fields outside were green with clovers, and cooks & other staff joked about their accents. Lastly, I loved the Irish breakfast with black pudding.

Thus, there is my small time experience with Sweiss and Ireland. Does it count? If I can glean a modicum of culture I think it does. You be the judge.
Stay tuned for Morocco!