Recolonization and The Mirrors of the Past

I've seen and researched a great deal of colonization and its effects on modern governments, culture and structures. A series of films and shows I've watched have made me think about the invisible hand Western civilizations and how they interrupt countries. Whether it's West Africa like Beasts of No Nation, American settlers in Revenant, US Government like Narcos or even researching Southeast Asian colonies, the effects are clear. Similar to Obama's SOTU, I'm going to address these in three sections: 1. Religion  2. Culture 3. Land. While government seems like another choice I'm going to lump that into culture.

Religion : Many religions of the world were based in polytheism and natural balance before monotheistic Western Civilizations came into basically brainwash several countries. During my travels, I have found it phenomenal that how even in the African diaspora of Palenque, Jesus is white and they follow religions completely unlike their ancestors with conviction. Therefore, it boggles my mind when people get upset to me for not being Christian. Your ancestors religion was organic and tied to the earth, your current religion was used to maintain white order and have Europeans as the saviors. How deep this continues is prevalent as it would mean for years that they are the saviors that can uplift them. They have the guns, food and knowledge so bow down and reject your religion to follow them.
The original notion of this was preposterous and of course there were many disputes most accurately displayed in South America with Aztecs, Incas and Mayans versus the Spanish who nearly have their entire language and religion wiped out due to the Inquisition. If you believe in such a divine religion, then how do you condone how much damage they did to non-believers even within their own countries (remember why many left Europe for the US in the first place). As such, there is so much brainwashing that generations have left people passionate about religions that weren't there in the first place. However, that ties into tourism and ideologies that support Westernized mindsets even today.

Culture: This is a different aspect than the above because it is pernicious rather than directly pervasive. Furthermore, there are positives to this. When infrastructure gets more advanced for several countries around the world that is a positive change. When people forget who they are, think their culture is inferior or think that Western culture (whiteness) is superior to their own that's when I worry. Many countries I have visited think that a white blonde woman is the most beautiful woman in the world. This is insane to me because I think the women of said country are gorgeous. Thus, they have been convinced by media that that woman is the gold standard of beauty (some white blonde women are gorgeous, but compared to the women of those countries I disagree). This continues with the idea of democracy as well as the US feels that country should have this even when non-Western cultures sometimes do not align with concept of democracy.
Beyond this you can see how media changes for the concept of success in Western countries and in particular American culture. How there's Coca-Cola at the edge of Sahara desert, how the Japanese think hip-hop and reggae are prized moneymaking music, or all the hair extensions of Brasil and Colombia. The rest of the world uses Western Culture as a model because colonizers told them their way was savage and to be civilized they had to become Westernized. This has taken centuries to reverse as now we encourage countries to embrace their unique cultures. However, the media will still tell them otherwise as we all know that in the US we only watch our news. It keeps the people ignorant and continues to create fear and dissension with cultures that are different from the norm. As such, centuries-old mindsets persist by way of media.

Land: Most importantly is the idea of ownership of what land we have on this earth. Originally, colonizing's purpose was to gain more resources to support the country of origin. As many Western countries were greedy, they decided to impose themselves on other countries to gain more territory and resources even though the people there had been living there for millennia. This interference disrupted stabilized governments and culture into chaos. Whether taken from their land as slaves or forced to move from their own land still as slaves, land ownership made once reasonable citizens into the savages that colonizers thought they were. Imagine coming into someone's home and then saying it's yours and they have no choice in the matter.
How this works today is that the indigenous are trying to simply live in their land and they are still pushed out, not allowed access (by a money barrier to entry) or simply taken for profit by young upstarts. If they are not being denied access to the land they once owned than they are being overtaken by gentrification which changes the landscape and recolonizes the land that we were finally able to have only be taken away again by Western civilizations who want more affordable housing for their greed.

Greed, that is the huge sin that the Western world has placed on the rest of us. Somehow we need to find a way to win it without greed.