Travelblog: Panama City, Panama

Panama City for 6 hours!

Anyways, thank you to all those who gave me advice on how to deal with Panama in 6 hours. After being there and the lack of traffic, I realized I could've even seen the Panama Canal, but Casco Viejo wasn't too bad to walk around for some knickknacks and historical colonial town setting (though I've seen about four's telling). I could've also stayed later on for some good Panamanian food at Casablanca in Casco Viejo, because the airport didn't have any.
Note on the airport - this is the most commercialized airport I've seen since Zurich. I feel that Panama is rich America's playground with yacht clubs, high-rise hotels in downtown, and luxury items with gorgeous Panamanian women (hottest metal detector person ever) asking you to come and by.

Overall, the people were friendly and the money was easy (they use US$ aka Balboas) and some of the history was intriguing - UNESCO World Heritage Mission from the past in Casco Viejo. Also, the beer and fried tortillas are pretty good here. Panama City is not too bad a country if you have a kind immigration lady (she said her english was terrible, but it wasn't), a cool taxi driver, and little traffic.